I'm not one for playing dress up - it's so much work changing in and out of things - but I had a bored moment this afternoon so I decided to look through my closet to see what else I could wring out of it.

I started with an old pinafore dress which fitted badly that I ripped into a skirt last week. I paired with a favourite ultra-soft jersey loose tank with gathers -

A good outfit for work, and I considered wearing it tomorrow, but since it was going to be a Sunday of rushing from one place to another, I decided to swap the shoes for sneakers -

A note about my sneakers - one of my favourite things ever from a Swedish label called Grams, which makes sneakers modelled on men's shoes.

Dandy-ish, but they still have that sneaker vibe. I know they look filthy, but I'm on the go a lot, it happens.

I figured I could wring various permutations out of my white tank and navy skirt combo pretty easily, so I decided to move on to floral dress I just started wearing last week. This is how I would typically wear it -

So I decided to swap the shoes for my gladiator sandals, surely the most trendy and overdone item of the season, but it really does add variety to my collection of flat shoes -

I don't think I can get any more fashion victim-y than a floral chiffon dress + gladiator sandals combo, but if I like it, I like it; I never question the trendiness.

My patience for reinventing my wardrobe was about to run out at this point (it's tiring!), but then I caught sight of a dress in a pretty floral print that belongs to my sister.

I love the print and the colours, but I never wear it because the shape of the dress is hideous on me. It then occurred to me that I could wear a top over it. And so hence -

I like the contrast of he chambray with the print. With flats for work, and sandals for weekends. Yay.

I was emboldened by my foray, so feeling unusually daring, I try the mixed-print thing, and fished out my favourite stripey top. The result -

I like it. It pops, but it's oddly harmonising, I guess the tip about mixing a floral with something graphic is true. It's almost ridiculously easy.

A final, somewhat tame attempt to remix the dress I was trying to de-pretty a few weeks ago -

And that about sums it up. Anyway, that was a lot of activity for the day, and I did score a few more ways of wearing what I own. Happy.


Elizabeth said…
Ooooh! I love the white sneakers!

That floral dress is cute, and so's the patterned skirt, and everything else!
k said…
What a great exercise! I do it sometimes, but not often enough. And right now I am in a terrible clothing slump. I have enough, but I don't like anything anymore. And if I would re-invent (as you are doing) I could be made new and happy. I will use this post as my inspiration!
Anonymous said…
yeaapp, it's good to not really bother about trends. some work, some don't. but you really are working those sandals and dress!
yanqin said…
Haha thanks! Boredom makes such an industrious creature out of me..
nv said…
all those outfits I great I especially like the white sneakers
SneakySteve said…
Love the blog..
if you want a new pair of Gram's we'll give you a special discount!
thanks for the link..


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