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Because the second-to-last film I caught in the theatres was "Stardust", which struck me as inane, slightly annoying, and forgettable, it might have had the effect of making the last film I caught in the theatres seem wonderful. Or maybe it was just wonderful. "Two Days in Paris" is funny, thoughtful, and the two leads (Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg) had great chemistry. I have to confess that I sort of had a crush on Julie Delpy after I watched "Before Sunset", because she defines the word "luminous" and she seems like an intelligent, charming, funny woman - she wrote and directed and starred in this movie. I basically sort of wish I could pull off something like that too. The "clash of cultures thing" is also not as cliched or as annoying as it could have been, and I love the characters - however passing their appearance, they had depth and they weren't two dimensional, and that's a hard thing to achieve. Anyway, I also want to highlight the cute dresses she donned in the film - looks like Pucci, but who knows - and I noticed Vanessa Seward (of Azzaro) making an appearance, as Marion's (Delpy's character) friend Vanessa. I believe they are friends in real life and Ms Delpy once wore a lovely dress by Ms Seward to the Oscars. I believe I might have been the only fashion-head in the theatre to have caught that. Anyway, writing this post was a rather depressing reminder that I have managed to miss an awful lot of good movies this year because I was too bloody strapped with work to catch them while they were screening, and that really needs to change.

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