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After yoga today I window-shopped in town before I headed to work, and oh, how lovely it is to feel summer-weight clothing in shops again. It's wonderful to look at shop windows and see looks that really inspire me because I can actually wear them.

The 3.1 Phillip Lim spring/summer collection had me cooing over the pure, sculptural forms; my heart fluttered at these breezy Vanessa Bruno Athé spring trousers the colour of Ming porcelain (both the Athé and main collections are actually really lovely).

But when you get down to it, Vanessa Jackman is right. All you need to usher in warmer days is something loose, white and crisp, bare legs, comfy shoes you can hop, skip and jump in. Forget shopping. Hello sunshine*.


*If this dratted rain stops.

Picture from Vanessa Jackman


Kate said…
I love this picture. Breezy spring clothes sound perfect - I bought a striped jersey dress from H&M today that I could wear with tights but would be so much nicer with bare legs.

Do shops where you are sell heavy wintry clothing even though there's no need for it in your climate? That seems bizarre.
Rebecca said…
I love a white button down. I can't pull off the oversized look, but a fitted white button down looks great on me
Catherine said…
this look is so perfect. also because everyone has their own version of this look. kind of really awesome.
petrichore said…
I love this picture! I saw it on Vanessa's blog today and put it in my inspiration folder as well....I just looked through the Jason Wu/Target collaboration photos (granted, probably quite low-quality clothing as far as manufacturing goes), and the designs were so cute and spring-like.

I've got a couple of oversized white shirts like this that I'm looking forward to teaming with some denim shorts once the weather is warmer (which for us on the U.S. west coast is usually June, sigh).

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Joy said…
i haven't really been window shopping lately but this picture is absolutely incredible. i can't wait for the warmer weather to come.
Maja H said…
I can´t wait for warmer weather. We didn´t get much of a summer last year where I live, so I´m hoping we have a ton of good weather-karma saved up. I would wear that outfit all day every day :)
lin said…
Kate: Yeah, Zara Topshop etc all carry winter clothing, even though there's also summer-weight clothing to choose from - eg dresses, blouse. But all the knits would be too heavy, compared to what they sell in summer.

Rebecca: I like my clothes loose, but not too oversized - can't do the baggy look either!

Catherine: You're right, there are lots of variations to play with. I like this one because she keeps it so clean and I especially love her Chucks.

petrichore: I saw this and immediately did a post because I love it that much. Can't wait for the weekends when I can break out the shorts. But it's been rainy here even though it's not as wet as Dec. Literally puts a dampener on things.

Joy: It's so nice to see clothes made of cotton instead of wool in my favourite shops, haha.

Maja H: I wish I could wear something like that every day.
Garderoben said…
Oh, the vanessa Bruno pants are so pretty - with a simple white linen tee or a loose shirt. I can't wait for spring!
She's naturally beautiful. Wearing a lousy pink long sleeve paired with a short. And having those bag and accessories makes this picture amazing.

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