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Kensington Gardens, London, 2011

My desire to post leaf pictures is directly proportional to how tired I feel. Any delusions of easing into the new work year were knocked out of me, with work raining down on me like punches. In fact I have work to finish right now, but posting something pretty feels very, very pivotal to my ability to get past the next hour or so without wanting to stab my hand.

Anyway, a few things I've been thinking about since the year began...
  • Why isn't "A Dance of Dragons" available in paperback already? I want to read a 1,000-page book without straining my wrist.
  • Must remember to bring sunglasses out with me now that the sun has started showing its face again, following a month of daily rain.
  • Prices of organic veggies are getting quite a bit more affordable now. Hurrah!
  • Buying trousers online was a really bad idea.
  • Stalking a sage-and-white striped shirt. But is it time to stop buying striped button-downs?
  • Almonds are a really good snack. Just satisfying enough, so I automatically stop after a handful. It's also a somewhat healthier alternative my dark choc digestives habit.
  • Rewatched some old "30 Rock" last night. So good. Where did it go? Why isn't it back?
  • I really need to start planning that family trip to Hanoi happening in two weeks.


petrichore said…
30 Rock starts up again next Thursday (the 12th, I think)!

Tina Fey apparently had a child during the extended break they had.

I can't wait for more episodes.....have you ever watched "Parks and Recreation"? Sort of the same type of humor.....

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lin said…
petrichore: YES! Thanks for breaking the news to me,haha. My friends and I secretly all think we ARE Liz Lemon.

I love Parks and Recreation too, although I follow it less religiously than other shows. It's funny but I like the supporting characters less compared to other shows like Community, for example.
Kate said…
I feel your pain about buying trousers online. Now I own them and really like them but the zip is definitely wonky.

And since I bought another breton top yesterday, I think you can never have too many striped button-downs!
mycatssaymeow said…
Your comment about work depresses me. I still have a week of leave left, but my partner goes back tomorrow... it's shocking how quick the last 2 weeks have gone. I will be really sad for him tomorrow morning.
Camille said…
I can related with your comment on work. While I haven't been that busy yet, by starting my winter semester at uni on January 3rd and working on top of that, I feel I'm already preventing everything from falling back into the complete chaos it was before my break. I hope you'll get some rest soon!

I must agree with you, buying trousers online is a very bad idea, and expensive on tailor fees if you can't return them because they're vintage and cannot part with them because you convinced yourself that "1950s pants are so rare!"(my case).

I feel that for the button-down (sage is a beautiful colour!), if you wear those as much as I do, buying a new one would just consist in stock renewal (haha). They're never a lost purchase.
Anonymous said…
Hello Lin, Happy 2012!!

Here's a pic of Maya Villiger with your bag that hopefully will chase away some of your work blues!
Human Racing said…
I've heard so many good things about snacking on almonds. They seem like the perfect on the go treat but unfortunately I'm allergic. Also, I've been reminding myself not to by trousers online this year as well.
hannah-rose said…
URGHHH I've been working non-stop through the break to get money to fund my trip in feb.. the plus side is that I get to have a holiday later, but the down side is that i've been kind of exhausted for almost 3 weeks now...

i want a sage and white shirt too! kind of louche, pyjama-vibe, you know?

lin said…
Kate: I knew it was a silly idea in the first place, haha. Now I pay for it by having to return them.

catssaymeow: I'm hoping the madness dies down a little after this week. I suppose it's a reality we all face sooner or later. I'm already running to my planner to look at when I can slot in a holiday.

camille: Okay I'm feeling more than ever I should buy that shirt. It's actually out of my size online but when I emailed the shop to inquire, they've very helpfully responded that they still have it in stock, and given me the measurements.

eileen: I love that shot! When I saw it I thought, yes, that's exactly it.

camisablanca: Before this I was really into plain walnuts with dried cranberries. Almonds are a nice change. I'm trying to reduce me chocolate intake, which is ridiculous.

hannah-rose: I know that feeling, I was exactly like that as a student.

I know exactly what you mean... This shirt I want isn't quite pajama-style but they have a beautiful "shirt-tail" that I find very cool, and yes, just louche enough.
Liv said…
Hello Lin! I have never commented on your blog before, but read it often and I love it! Your style is wonderful, and so are your thoughts on fashion. As for A Dance of Dragons: I've been wondering about the same thing, and the sales-man at my local fantasy-and-sci-fi-bookstore told be that the paperback version will be avaible in october/november 2012. )-:
Lindsay K said…
I love the leaf picture. I know exactly what you mean about the new year. I'm able to ease into the new year, despite the good intentions. Last week was a short work week, but CRAZY busy. It does help that I love what I do and the weather has been very springlike here.

It's only 9 days old, but this year is off to a wonderful start. I'm so excited.
lin said…
Lu: Thank you! I was hoping that Oct/Nov 2012 date was just an unsubstantiated comment on the Internet! I better go reserve the book at the library, I don't think I can hold out that long, haha.

Lindsay K: I feel like everyday I'm pulling a miracle just to kepp my head afloat. The upside is that stress keeps me sharp haha. I definitely depend on external push factors to stay motivated - that's my weakness.

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