a charm


I had been saying that Aurelie Bidermann's braided bracelets reminded me of the friendship bands we used to make for each other and wore until they disintegrated. Well, I got one for Christmas, unexpectedly.

Even more unexpectedly, for a no-jewellery person, I've been wearing it often. It's thin enough to wear with my watch without scratching the watch, and I like the way they look together - it's less serious, more laidback, a little kitsch. It's has the look of a lucky charm. And something about the burst of colour looks right for life in the tropics.

My only complaint? The paper clip fastening makes it a total bitch to put on and take off by myself. I've bought an cheapo little clasp and attached it to make my own fastening. Speeds things up quite a bit.


Nhu said…
It looks nice. I agree that it looks laid back and warm-weather appropriate.
Amanda said…
For some reason, I've been eying a couple of bracelets as well, and I'm not even a big jewelry wearer. I wonder if I'm subconsciously seeing it more on blogs and photos...
petrichore said…
Love it, and love your watch! Do you mind me asking what it is?

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Joy said…
Pretty! What type of watch are you wearing it looks amazing.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm, fun look, but the watch can hold its own. ;)
mycatssaymeow said…
It has an isabel marant vibe about it ;)
Wendy said…
I was just looking at Aurelie Bidermann's bracelets on NAP and thought they looked like friendship bracelets from my teens too! Instead of dishing out 100 euros+, I found some on etsy that were similar and some that I liked even more for under $15. I'm also not a jewelry person but do find the hippy braided bracelets appealing. It looks very pretty on your wrist.
Lindsay K said…
I will always love that gorgeous watch on it's own. It's just such a statement piece that needs nothing else IMHO.

I love Wendy's idea. I know when Teen Vogue couldn't get a hold of these bracelets Mary Kate Steinmiller made them and contunues to sell them.
lin said…
Quinn, Pret a Porter P: Thanks!

Amanda: Maybe all the arm candy street style shorts are rubbing off on us, haha. My obsession was actually with delicate rings for a while, but I've held back so far.

I'm truly not a jewellery girl so I wouldn't have parted money for this, but as a gift, it's novel.

petrichore, joy: It's a Cartier Tank Solo, a gift to myself when I changed jobs last year.

editor: I tend to think so too!

catssaymeow: I'd take your word for it...I haven't seen much Isabel Marant jewellery myself, haha.

Wendy: I just checked out etsy, you are quite right, haha.

Lindsay K: I remember seeing those on The Coveteur, I like the kitschy-ness!
Anonymous said…
I am considering the tank ,yield and was curious what size you picked up?

I have to be stop by the shop still here in NYC, but those arenas are always so intimidating so I am doing research in the meantime

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