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Blogging for me, began from a selfish impulse and it's basically "me, me, me" all the time. It doesn't do justice to all the wonderful blogs I have come across that have inspired and informed me and made me feel normal to be so exceedingly interested in style.

Hence, I am attempting to "de-me" this space a little, and turn it over to some of my favourite bloggers, through a series of Q&As. Pret a Porter P, Miss Sophie of les anti-modernes*, Hannah-Rose of Capture the Castle, Aissa of The Chic Pragmatist, Lindsay K of Un Petit Bijou and Amanda of Assembled Hazardly are not the only bloggers I follow, but they each represent a distinct point of view and style that I find interesting.

Doubtless many of you would have read their blogs, but there's so much more to a person than what they post, and hopefully this little project sheds just a bit more light on them.

I'll be running one interview per week, when I return from Vietnam.

To those celebrating Lunar New Year, happy new year!


Krys said…
Oh, I love Assembled Hazardly as well! Hope you're having a lovely time in Vietnam, happy lunar new year, and I can't wait to read your interviews xx
Amanda said…
Happy Chinese New Year to you too!
Joy said…
cool! my dad is thinking about vietnam next so please let me know how you likd it and all. happy CNY!
Ammu said…
Lovely idea!
Anonymous said…
I wonder what questions you will ask.
Have a nice trip.
Happy NEw Year.
Maja H said…
I can´t wait to read yout interviews! Some of these are my absolute favorite bloggers :)
Anonymous said…
What a nice idea! I look forward to these interviews.
Enjoy your trip :)
petrichore said…
Don't worry about the "me, me, me" thing! I think we all visit others' blogs just to get that person's unique point of view and see the world through his/her eyes for a few minutes.

Looking forward to the interviews!

minima/maxima, a blog about minimalist style
lapindelune said…
Wonderful suggestions, some of my very favourites!

Have a safe and happy trip x
hannah-rose said…
looking forward to seeing them all!! I'm in Hong Kong at the moment and man is it lunar new year crazy!! I'm loving all the fresh flowers and fruit everywhere though. And pork belly for every meal haha!

safe travels back from vietnam.

editor said…
Look forward to the interviews.

Update on skincare routine. Had a stress-induced attack of rosacea and other unpleasant things. The result - an antibacterial wash and...La Mer cream. It's only day #2. Gone, for now, are exfoliants, masks and eye creams. Just the two steps. It is winter though, so I doubt this routine will work in the summer. It is quite a luxury to only wash and moisturizer. So far so good.
lin said…
Krys, Ammu, Maja H, J, lapindelune: Thanks, I hope you guys enjoy them.

Amanda: Thanks, same to you and hope you're having a good one.

joy: It was a little complicated in Vietnam because they're also celebrating the new year, but it was a great trip. Will do a post on it soon!

Pret a Porter P: I did, thanks!

petrichore: I love the self-indulgence of blogging, but even I get tired of me own voice, haha.

hannah-rose: I love new year flowers. Hanoi was full of tiger lilies, so beautiful. And pork belly! Mmmmm.

editor: that's basically my routine as well, with the variation of an exfoliating scrub every week. how is it working out for you? I find that when my skin goes insane, it's best to stick to basics and sit the madness out.
Anonymous said…
Exact approach I am taking.
So far it is interesting. Just as with clothes, since I am indulging in something, I treat it and appreciate it differently. I don't know if it is the magically expensive sea kelp or my extra attention and care, but my skin is happier. I hope it lasts just so that the next time I travel I will have so very little to pack for toiletries (traveling light is the biggest luxury.)
petrichore said…
I'm a bit late to the party, but thanks for the travel tips for Hanoi! I've always wanted to travel to Vietnam, and also been intimidated by it at the same time. Yet with food that delicious-looking, I won't be able to stay away.....!

minima/maxima, a blog about minimalist style

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