summer days: city shorts


Shorts are worn by everyone in Singapore. It's a practical choice, but you don't often seen it worn in unexpected ways. Here, I love the fit and colour of her shorts, and the way she manages to look polished even in her untucked, loose silhouette. It's her chic flat sandals, the soft hues, the fine fabric of her clothes, and that great jaunty hat. The length of the shorts is also all-important: city shorts have to be longer to be distinct from the casual stuff we wear to the beach.

Picture from trendy crew


I wouldn't mind to find a dressier version of top like that. I saw one at Gap's website, but have only seen the burgundy in store so far.

Last weekend I saw a very chic summer look: a young woman wearing a black jersey harem halter one piece, similar in style to this, with flat sandals (can't remember what they were like now), and she wore a straw panama hat w/ black ribbon over a cropped hair style, and gold/green classic aviators. She looked completely nonchalant and effortless, not at all "forced." She was French. I must have looked like a psycho walking behind her and her equally chic friends as I noisily crunched along in wedge boots on a gravel walkway in a crazy Miyake getup... :/
Joy said…
Oh gosh this is so great. Reminds me that I need a good pair of shorts that are NOT denim cutoffs for summer.
miss sophie said…
that's the way to do it! i love the slouchy linen and the slightly pleated details. so elegant with the silky white blouse. you see all sorts of shorts abominations - too tight, too short, etc etc etc - around nyc in the summer months. i'm glad there are elegant people wafting around wearing city shorts well!

what pair do you end up wearing a lot?
Sonya Harris said…
Ohhh, I love this. The shorts look so comfortable, yet also very chic due to the modest cut and soft colour. I'm not a fan of short-shorts one bit, so a style like these would be a lovely alternative.
Kate said…
I love this. All I want to wear at the moment is loose silk shirts and this is such a good, summery way to wear them. Very loose and comfortable but still chic. Thanks!
Fleurette said…
Ahh, I wish I were a tall person so I could wear shorts like this one.
Fashion Tidbits said…
Easy, breezy, beautiful! I hate wearing tight stuff when it's sticky outside.
Garderoben said…
I'm going nuts searching for shorts! These are perfect.
heart in a cage said…
She looks really great.
I'm also on the search for a nice pair of shorts. In a shorter style though, I'm afraid the length of the shorts from the picture doesn't work on me. :(
hannah-rose said…
i really wish i could pull off shorts.. alas, i have not the legs for them. skirts it is for me..

lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I like the sound of that outfit, it does sound very summer chic. But I say to each their own :)

I'm impressed that her top is sheer but whatever she's wearing underneath is preserving her modesty perfectly without being too obvious.

Joy: I depend very much on my denim shorts actually, hahaha. I just try my best not to look too music festival-ish. I think it comes back to the length and what she's wearing with the shorts - she's wearing very elegant things.

miss sophie: I know, I see lots of bad examples around here. I wear my denim shorts almost religiously - they can be rolled up and down to different lengths so I made that best of that.And a pair of girly-vintage-y lace ones that look more 'formal'.

Sonya Harris: I don;t like short shorts either - I think they only look acceptable on models, and then only sometimes.

Kate: I love it too, it's so refreshing to the eye.

Fleurette: I believe with the right shorts with the right proportions, a short person could work this look too. You never know, the right pair cld come along some day!

Fshion Tidbits: Me too. Even jersey drives me insane.

Garderoben: I know. I'm always relieved when I find the right pair.

Heart in a cage: I hope you find them. I find shorts quite hard to shop for and I haven't bought any in years.

Hannah-rose: Actually, I thought her shorts were always skirt-like in silhouette. A skirt is really cool and comfortable I agree, but I'm terrible with them -I think I don;t have the right posture and body language for them.
If Jane said…
love the look!!!

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