summer days: summer black


Photographer: Scott Schuman

I find it hard to wear black in the heat, so it's always nice to see someone do it well. Scott Schuman described how Darcy here wears black in a very interesting way without looking stifling for summer. I agree - she's wearing a sleeveless jacket/coat over a simple black long-sleeve tee. She has a nice open neckline that signals it's NOT bundle-up season. She has her sleeves pushed up to keep things looking relaxed. I look at her and I think it's a great way to wear black in a season that calls for bright colours - she makes it look natural.

Also, the two black cuffs on one wrist - more subtle than one on each wrist, no?

Picture from the sartorialist


Cuffs on each wrist can be tricky to pull off, it usually brings to mind Wonder Woman. Anyway, she looks very chic.
miss sophie said…
i think fabrics make a huge difference. i have a pair of slouchy black silk pants and they'd go well with filmy black tees or light linen pullovers.
Alexandra said…
Love the simple accessories. She looks pulled together yet relaxed.
Ammu said…
She looks great, but I could never wear black outside in India during summer, it's unbearable. The sun is just too strong.
Kate said…
I just find it hard to wear black, full stop. To me, it looks awful and hot in summer and drab in winter. That said, I am looking for black cigarette pants and a black mini, so maybe I'm coming round.

I don't know about this look. She looks like a secret agent.
editor said…
all black in any season is tricky - i think people in all black mistakenly believe it is "easy" because there is no color coordination to worry about, but meanwhile proportions, fabrics and cut make a huge difference between the person who looks like a waiter or person out for a jog, and someone who looks like they dressed themselves intentionally and with thought and care. then when you add the temperature factor...this outfit could work in ny if it is a high of 70 degrees. but one degree over and you'd be a sweaty mess i think.
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I agree, especially if the cuffs are gold or silver.

miss sophie: Definitely. I wouldn't attempt so many layers of black of the fabrics aren't forgiving.

Alexandra: Agree, and I don't usually like all black outfits.

Ammu: I know the feeling - this is more an outfit for days where you at the very least expect to me in the shade.

Kate: I rarely wear all black, it'a harder to get right than one might think, so I admire it when it's done well. Actually, I think "secret agent" is a compliment, haha. But that's probably just my Le Femme Nikita fantasy.

editor: Agree, I always find it frustrating to pair the right black things together, so I rarely attempt it. I think fabrics make a lot of difference, but I could reasonably pull this off on a day I'm not going to pound the streets much.
editor said…
i did forget to add that this was a great example of black well-done. :) i was too wrapped up in my own frustration with doing all black because just recently i've attempted it a few times, and am not sure i have a knack for it.

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