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I love this shot of Caroline Issa, fashion director of Tank magazine, because she is walking proof that a white t-shirt can look sophisticated and pulled together when worn the right way. White says summer to me, and it looking at the colour (or rather, absence of colour) soothes and cools me instantly. I wear mine tucked into my black tailored slouchy-with a-tapered-leg trousers - skinny trousers can be too hot on clammy days, although sometimes manageable. A loose white T-shirt, worn with something a little more tailored, and preferably tucked in, is a breezy, practical way of dressing for the heat. Throwing on a jacket when you get indoors can also help spiff up the look, if you need to, while accessories should be polished.

Wearing it like Caroline with billowing legs is probably the most heat-friendly way though. Plus you get to channel Katherine Hepburn, which Caroline is surely doing with her retro hair and red lips.

A digression: I saw a pair of beautiful loose beige trousers at Zara that wasn't too comically seventies... I keep pointing them out to friends. I get this way about nice clothes that I don't want for myself - I feel like recommending them to other people because I feel sad leaving them behind in the store when they look so good. Does anyone else get like this about clothes?

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An easy breezy look on Ms. Issa. As much as I can appreciate Daphne Guinness or ADR, it's refreshing to see someone whose look isn't screaming "FASHION." I realize I don't wear white tees so much anymore. Your description of black trousers is ideally what I'm looking for. I find a lot of the slouchy trousers have pleated fronts now. :/

I know what you mean about "leaving things behind." There's a stunning Alexander McQueen coat from the most iconic McQueen show when shalom was sprayed by the robots for under $1000 that I can't believe is still languishing on ebay!!! It belongs in a museum at the very least! (I sound like the Indiana Jones of fashion now! lol!!)
S said…
wow, she is stunning! I love everything about this look, she really does make a tshirt look sophisticated. I must give it a try with some high waisted trouser-ish jeans! I think your idea of a tshirt with slouchy trousers sounds perfect for the heat.
The Bohemienne said…
Beautiful outfit!

I do that ALL the time with clothes and accessories. For me it works in two ways: I can spread the love about the things I'd love to have but just can't (because, hey, we can't have everything we like!) AND it keeps me from overdoing it when I am dangerously close to hitting the "buy" trigger when I really don't need to. If I've recommended it to a friend, I know I'm going to pass on it myself for fear or us all ending up in the same outfits.
hannah-rose said…
caroline issa is super elegant! i've always said it, she just has a way of wearing clothes and a certain carriage that is so fantastic to watch. She makes a plain white tee look great - unfortunately on me such a look would be so casual.. but she gives it a jil sander air of sophistication.

Ammu said…
Very nice! Though I also think the red lipstick and great hair makes a big difference to this look. She is stunning.
Ginta said…
I love her simple, pure, clean style. She makes fashion feel attainable.
Today I actually ended up copying this look (sans dressy shoes). :)
Vegalyn said…
this is a great look for summer, I mostly keep to the cool tones during the warmer months, but have to say that the SS11 season in Zara is very tempting for trying some color blocking combos.

Unfortunately, I'm not that tall, so loose trousers are a no-no for me.
I like her dress for summer. I always prefer to wear comfy dresses in summer.
Lindsay K said…
Caroline Issa is so stunning. She always looks elegant and pulled together. I would love to see the pants you mentioned from Zara. I can't wear this style of trouser, but I adore the look. I always recommend clothing that I love but doesn't suit me to friends. I actually love finding items for others more than shopping for myself.
Kate said…
that's an amazing look, but i think it requires a level of tidiness that i am incapable of!
0000 said…
I really love the red lip + dark hair in this outfit + pale skin--it really dresses up the look, which could easily get too casual!
Anonymous said…
I wish I were that smart, to farm out clothing I'm I feel affectionate toward before I pay for them. More often I buy and then I place it in a new home after I realize the bad match. Tsk tsk.
Fashion Tidbits said…
Oh i most definitely do that too....:) i end up jabbering should check this out here and over there....

Can't wait to pair my white tee with a great pair of breezy linen pants this summer!
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: My trousers have a pleat too, but not a massive one :) I'm quite relieved I got them when I did, they turned out to be quite the investment after all.

Indiana Jones, haha, that is such an apt description. May the right owner come along soon.

S: That's my variation too...I don't own any wide trousers but I have some jeans; the best I can do to channel Hepburn!

The Bohemienne: Agree. Ive also been passing the love on that APC dress i mentioned in the last post.

Hannah-rose: I don't think I could look as polished either, I think her hair and red lips and heels make all the difference. But sometimes it's the vision we carry inside that makes even a casual outfit feel like something else.

Ammu: Totally.

Ginta: I can picture it! You rock the wide-leg trousers wonderfully.

Vegalyn: The Zara colours are really infectious! I haven't been tempted to try but I always feel happy passing by. Maybe I can dabble with a grass green T-shirt.

Lindsay K: I tried to find a pict, but all the ones on the website look kind of awful. They are straight, widening slightly at the leg, beige, no piping, and come with a sash in the belt loops.

I love that magic moment when you see something you know is "so" someone.

Kate: T-shirts are much easier to keep tidy than a shirt...I'm always rumpled in a shirt :)

0000: Yep, she got all the extra elements just right.

Editor: Think of how generous it feels to do that, haha.

Fashion Tidbits: Don't forget your white blazer :)

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