sweater + shirt


Photographer: Unknown*, for Madewell

I saw this picture after I woke up thinking I would wear my sweater like this -


I love the easy, timeless look of a sweater over a shirt, if the weather ever permits. In the end, I wore the shirt and carried the sweater with me - to be pulled on when I reach the chill of the office (strange that my office is set to the regulation 25 degrees Celsius but it is still cold enough to call for a sweater!).

*- Unbelievably difficult trying to find the name of the photographer, you wonder why Madewell doesn't make this sort of info more easily available.

Picture from tfs


I like this, both yours and the editorial.
angie said…
I'm a new fan of sweater plus shirt look but I think it's so sophisticated and easy on the eye.
K. said…
Lovely! I remember trying this combination but all my sweaters are too small to fit anything else inside. Her messy bun in the Madewell picture makes the outfit look so good.
Kate said…
Thta's a great picture. Her scruffy bun and the cut of her jeans really caught my eye.
Adele said…
I really like this combination; it's super casual but still qualifies as scruffy chic at it's most dressed down. I can see it looking great in an office, too, with a super polished high bun and lipstick.
Fashion Tidbits said…
ahhh! this is my go-to outfit for school!
If Jane said…
nice nice...(well the you could still wear that look here...)
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: Thank you!

Angie: I've always liked the look, but I'd always thought most sweaters were too tight in the arm to try it with. Happily, this sweater has a looser fit!

K: I know what you mean! But I only recently learnt that it's easier if you slip the shirt into the sweater first before putting it on together, for a better fit. Worked for me...

Kate: I like her comfortable pose as well. It may be a catalogue but the whole thing feel so uncontrived. And I definitely liked the look of those jeans.

Adele: Agree, it's a very pulled together look but still throwaway at the same time.

Fashion Tidbits: Lucky you! If only I had cool enough weather to do this more.

If Jane: I'm sure you're longing for warmer weather by now!
Ginta said…
Love it! Perfect combination in materials, textures & colors!
0000 said…
I'm really curious to see how the short sleeved sweater looks with a shirt underneath! Is the shirt also short sleeved?
lin said…
0000: it doesn't look it but the sleeves are elbow-length, cos the shoulder starts lower down. So the sweater kind of has a dolman sleeve, but a slight one.
Lindsay K said…
I always like the makeup and hairstyling of the Madewell and Jcrew ladies. Clean and fresh faced with loosely styled hair. I wish they would detail more information on this and their in house photographers.

I can't wait to see how you wear your sweater. It's great and I love the look of a sweater over a shirt. I have started only purchasing 3/4 sleeves for this purpose.

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