"did you know, when you go, it's the perfect ending"


Picture: The Epitome of Quiet (photographer unknown)

I made a ruthlessly swift shopping decision last week. I was wearing a pair of black cigarette pants that have always fit perfectly except for a slightly too-tight waistband. That waistband has nagged at me for the last three years, but I'd always put off buying a new pair, because, I don't know, 99% perfect is good right? It felt wasteful to throw them out.

Then last week at the end of a brutally long day, I winced at the tightness in my lower back, and thought, This is ridiculous, go buy some trousers that fit.

I called my older sister, who has a discount at Gap, and told her to pick up a pair of their black Slim Cropped trousers for me. I had tried them before and they fit really well, but I had decided against them because I didn't feel like buying stuff. But it ll came to a head last week and I bid goodbye to trousers that were 99% perfect, and welcomed in a new staple that I can say are truly perfect, unconditionally.

So it;s kind of a boring purchase, because it brings nothing new, aesthetically. But it feels like I finally scratched a nagging itch that had prickled away at me for too long. It's a relief.

What I've bought so far this year:
- Leopard loafers*
- Silk shirt*
- Checked cotton shirt
- Black dress
- Watch**
- Black cigarette trousers**

* Bought in late-Dec 10 but so close to 2011, it made sense to bring it into 2011
** on my 2011 wishlist

Six things, and all before half the year is over! But I feel satisfied that I haven't been wasteful. In truth, the heat has made shopping unappealing - I keep picking through my tried and tested wardrobe staples to stay cool.


Amanda said…
Hah, I like that Sheryl Crow captured your pants dilemma well. But! Those Gap slim cropped pants are the best things that's ever happened to women all around the world and as much as I loathe the Gap, I have two of those pants - which I guess makes me quite hypocritical. Glad you're enjoying them though. =)
Many things I wait until the moment I feel "compelled" to buy them. I want to replace my Gap slim crops, not for a quality issue, but I should have never bought cropped pants in the first place.I thought letting the hem out would make them full long enough. :/

What kind of black dress did you end up with?
mode.ulation said…
It was definitely worth buying the GAP Pants. I guess it is hard to part with $$ when buying classics, I can relate well to that. But I guess they are worth the splurge! =)

son said…
thanks - this was just the kick i needed to go and replace the flats which have been butchering my feet! that said i dont really enjoy replacement purchases when i need something urgently, as it becomes about buying something before a deadline, rather than buying the right thing in good time.
lin said…
Amanda: I am! I think the secret is in the stretch. I don't usually like stretchy fabrics but this one has a sturdiness to it. My friends are big fans of the other cuts in the Premium Pant collection as well, so I think Gap got this one right.

Pret a Porter P: It was a dress from A.P.C. which I agonised over and managed to buy on sale. A very simple, no nonsense style.

Mode.ulation: I'm sure they're quite value for money.

son: I dread those moments when I urgently need to replace things - half the time it will turn out to be a mistake.
miss sophie said…
i think we all have these stories. i had a pair of APC raw jeans that i tried and tried to break in, but to no avail. waist was just a smidge too tight which made them always just uncomfortable. finally sold them and swearing off raw denim for the time being - i have a few pairs of perfectly broken-in current/elliotts! selling my APCs to someone who finally fits in them perfectly was nice - another to-do crossed off the list!

i don't know why we put up with these little annoyances. you'd think a too-small waistband would get a much faster call to action! :P
Alexandra said…
I'm going to go Gap right now to check them out!


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