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My sister has a spectacular jacket that looks like nothing on the hangar, but magic on a person. It is sharp, loosely but slickly tailored, making my arms look lean and long, nipping in at the waist with a single button, very Theysken's Theory.

It provenance: Giordano Ladies. Giordano is a label from Hong Kong that makes basics of the most uninspiring kind. It makes Gap look like Marni. Giordano Ladies is its higher-priced sister brand, only I wouldn't call it sister - more like distant cousins. Giordano Ladies, I discovered, despite the placid, golf-y name, is a cross between COS and Theory, with the price and quality leaning towards COS.

I went to check out the store last month and, be still, my heart, I lit upon a yummy grey chunky knit, with a round neck, a slight dolman sleeve, the body hanging straight down the back creating a slight swing. It was a basic tweaked just enough to give it character.


It was also 100% cotton according to the SA - awwwwwwwwesome. I usually don't buy sweaters because the nice-looking ones always contain some wool or cashmere which is pointless in these parts, not to mention high-maintenance.

Cotton knit, on the other hand, is fairly wearable for the average work day (with air-conditioning; Singapore is the air-conditioned nation) and the way the sweater swings away from the body makes it a better buy for these warm parts rather than a classic fitted sweater.


I had been eyeing something from Rag and Bone but I think this one is a better choice (no wool!) and definitely more economical. I went home, and thought about for a month, and bought it on Sunday.

I like that there's a new place for me to check out interesting basics. My wallet, on the other hand, is not.

What I've bought so far this year:
- Leopard loafers*
- Silk shirt*
- Checked cotton shirt
- Black dress
- Watch**
- Black cigarette trousers**
- Grey cotton knit pullover

* Bought in late-Dec 10 but so close to 2011, it made sense to bring it into 2011
** on my 2011 wishlist


Ammu said…
Lovely. Will have to check it out next time I am in Singapore!
If Jane said…
K. said…
I never know Giordano Ladies can be so good! Will definitely check it out this summer.

Congrats on your very sensible 2011 purchases so far ;)
That sweater sounds like all that and more. I know what you mean about 100% cotton!
lin said…
Ammu: Or if you're in Hong Kong! And the prices are better there as well.

If Jane: Thanks!

K: Thanks, it's rather more than I thought but it's not a numbers game, ultimately. I think this sweater might be the most frivolous buy yet, haha.

Pret a Porter P: 100% is gift from the gods, as far as I am concerned - so comfortable and easy to maintain.
jennifer said…
How lovely! Your description of Giordano is hilariously accurate. I'll have to check out Giordano Ladies the next time I'm in Taiwan. It never interested me because I just assumed it would be exactly like Giordano!
Ashley said…
That's a very lovely sweater! I have a weakness for knitwear even when it isn't at all weather appropriate:)
Fashion Tidbits said…
I LOVE 100% cotton!!!! I kniw how linen, cashmere, wool clothing looks good and even feels better but there is nothing more satisfying than popping something straight into the wash!! :) we have giordano in seoul but funnily we don't have giordano ladies. I used to buy a lot of basics there before zara, h&m, mango came to town.....
angie said…
It's always nice to find a place where you can shop for basics in a good price.If you hit something that fits and it's of good quality and of a good price then it feels like heaven.I also noticed that you waited for a whole month before actually buying it.This shows your determination to get it.
lin said…
Jennifer: Haha, thanks. I've never been keen on them either, but my older sister's jacket was a nudge in the right direction.

Ashley: I at least wear them in the office because it gets cold there. But not as often as I'd like.

Fashion Tidbits: Agreed! And on ot days, washing, even handwashing, is a must to keep clothes fresh! Anything dry-cleaning is almost always a no go for me.

Angie: I agree - I like good basics but I balk at paying $200 for a t-shirt. It was hard to walk away from the sweater the first time. But I'm glad I let the urge gestate.
Olivia said…
I remember Giordano from a few trips to Hong Kong! I have to admit when I read the word on your post I thought 'surely not... not Giordano...' Your description is very acurate! Very interesting to know what a departure the sister brand is to it. I love the jumper! Wherever there is a chunky grey knit, I'm there. It's absolutely lovely - will be a long time useful basic for you I have no doubt! xx
S said…
The sweater looks lovely, but I need to see a picture of it on! Based on your description, it sounds like it would be magic when worn on the body. It's been too long since I've been to Asia, but I definitely remember the quality of regular Giordano is abysmally poor ... I bought a pair of cropped pants, and a few of the teeth on my zip fly came off while I was at work! I was stuck in the bathroom for a while trying to fix myself enough to be able to leave in a decent state. I'll stay away from Giordano but will remember that Giordano Ladies is worth checking out!
miss sophie said…
this is very interesting - there's a whole group of labels that i am vaguely aware of having E.Asian counterparts or sister brands...Lee Jeans and Levis Lady Style come to mind...looks like a great find and functional, too! you should check out Vince for great and lightweight knits, Inhabit NY makes some really high quality ones too in not just cashmere. j.crew makes some great ones at good prices too. i found a great Vince linen oversize cardigan two yrs ago on sale and it's perfect for summer/indoors and as a lightweight travel cardigan.
lin said…
Olivia: I know. It surprises everyone around me. I'm glad I found it, label snobbery aside!

S: That sucks. Actually I'm rather impressed how well-known Giordano is, btw, haha. They could do so much with their brand. I remember as a kid I had a pair of Giordano jeans, and it was actually considered cool. Not sure what happened along the way.

miss sophie: I really like the look of Vince items, but so far, have never been able to make the move to order their things online - I still prefer to try things on before I buy them.
Kate said…
That looks lovely. Bravo for being so good with label-checking - I always check but sometimes acrylic sneaks into my shopping bag anyway.
son said…
ooh im looking for a grey sweater and this is fab. and from giordano at that! i used to wear giordano jeans all thru secondary school (when the quality was better i think) and was quite pleasantly surprised to discover the higher end ladies store in hk last year. i hear you on cotton - even living in london now, most buildings are heated well enough to only require cotton.
The Bohemienne said…
I really, really like that; I am slightly obsessed with finding chunky, slightly-open cotton weaves.

By the way, I totally copied your YSL tote and blogged about it yesterday. :)
lin said…
Kate: I always check because I loathe dry-cleaning, haha. I'm generally fine with synthetics if I've had a good experience with them, and I think checking the label has helped me learn which ones are.

son: I'm as surprised as you sister's jacket really stunned me because it's really quite an unusual design and make.

The Bohemienne: Oh cool, sure, glad you liked it!

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