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Well, easing back into regular programming. I really liked this post related to the Japan earthquake on one sleepness night, which said really well what I couldn't quite put into words. More than ever, I see now that waking up with the choice to dress well is a privilege.

And on we go. (Just one more thing: Singaporeans who want to help, see here.)

Photographer: Stockholm Street Style

I like consistency in my style; it's just a personal preference. But I'm not averse to dichotomies in my closet - peeking between the greys, whites and blues is the odd mad-cap print or two, and even some sparkle. The same goes for my denim - my default setting is skinny, but my sole pair of wide-leg jeans get plenty of wear.

I don't think that makes my style incoherent - the queen of consistency and French Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt wears flares and skinnys and nobody can accuse her of having fickle tastes.

From left: Craig Arend for Altamira, Vanessa Jackman

Anyway I feel very au fait (this almost never happens) whenever wide-legs swing back into fashion - it's classic but it also feels very current now - it's something I've been wearing forever. I avoid the high-waisted styles, the thighs shouldn't be too tight and the flare shouldn't be too extreme - I'm not interested in looking like a seventies' caricature. Something with a natural-waist with a distinct but subtle flare works best for me. They also look best with heels but picking something in the right length (touching the floor but not sweeping) means I can get away with my usual flats.

(Somehow, this formula only works for jeans - I have never been able to pull off wide-leg trousers.)

In any case, the two silhouettes are rather different but I've always felt resolutely myself. Do you guys have any style opposites that still feel 100% you?

Pictures from stockholm street style, altamira, vanessa jackman


Pret a Porter P said…
psshh...I am full of style opposites. It's funny right now in my temporary closet it's my work clothes on one side (blazers, trousers, coats, cardigans, shirts, vests in black, white, grey, navy, cream) and then the other side is a free for all (over the top prints, kimonos, maxi dresses, jewel tone velvets, cocoon, military, etc...). To an outsider this seems like style schizophrenia, but there is a method to the madness. I repeat the same silhouettes.

I like 70s Halston-esque style. I love my flared jeans and wide leg trousers. But I don't want to look like an extra from That 70s Show.
Thanks for posting the link to one sleepless night. Her thoughts were wonderfully expressed. I think sticking to a particular silhouette or uniform is one way to keep a consistent style (maybe an easy way), but a consistent style can definitely be achieved through a variety of silhouettes. You're absolutely right, Emmanuelle proves that ... even on the rare occasion when she wears a skirt or dress. I do think it's harder to achieve and something I want to work on more. I'd like to find a pair of wide leg jeans one day that would work with a short heel. Seems hard to find!
son said…
i find consistency rather an abstract concept, almost "ill know it when i see it" but that it has much .more to do with styling than about specific silhouttes. eg wearing brogues with my skinnies is totally not "me", but wearing glitter converse is.

yanqin said…
Pret a Porter P: I've always felt your style was beautifully consistent, whether you're in a kimono blouse and slouchy jeans or your long Issey skirt and long cardigans.

I like the look of flares and wide-legs but yes, do not want to look like an extra from That 70s Show. I like it best when the thighs aren't too tight.

Sarah: No problem, I love that post too. Agree with your pt about silhouettes and consistency...and wide-leg that look good with flats is really hard to find! I found mine at Uniqlo a few years ago.

son: I've come to stop thinking about it so much and just sort of trusting my insincts to be more aware of what is very me and just running with that. glitter converse! i'd love to see that.
Ammu said…
I am with you on the wide-leg and skinny jeans - I own one pair of each style and 2 pairs of wide-leg trousers and love them all.

I also think style becomes more compressed with age - part of being young is the joy of trying things out, it's hard to be inappropriate, whereas I do think one has to be a little more careful as one gets older, whether it concerns one's grooming or clothing. There are things I wore ten years ago - ripped jeans and rocker tees - that I just wouldn't wear now, because my life has changed. I also buy less now, and I feel like I will buy even less in the years to come, moving more and more towards a "style uniform".
The Bohemienne said…
Like Ammu said, I feel like I *should* have a uniform in which I feel most comfortable, but I have to remind myself that I'm still in my 20s and it's ok to keep experimenting. the looks I really love and feel most "me" in are the ones I repeat.

miss sophie said…
i feel like i have a classic-ever-so-slightly-preppy side of my closet that then morphs into Rick Owens territory. my vintage finds and favorite pieces that have survived wardrobe purges are somewhere in between. i love all the inconsistencies - i need the mix because i don't think i could express the different facets of my personality without them. but as you've seen on my blog i do tend to wear variations on a uniform! :)
Lindsay K said…
Your exactly right. Having choices (from what to wear to what you eeat0 is such a privilage. There are a large number of people who have far to few choices. It's sobering.

I have such a uniform when it comes to dressing. When I try to branch out, I don't feel like myself. (Crazy!) I only recently found skinny jeans that fit properly, so I can't imagine finding a wide leg pair that didn't swallow me up. I do think a wider leg can look very classic and chic.
Meri said…
Very interesting post, I also like consistency in my style, especially now when I am still trying to figure out what I like. I have never tried very different styles that would not be me at all but I have still made a lot of mistakes.
I like the way Emmanuelle wear her flared jeans. At the moment I don't think I would buy a pair but you never know, when I was younger I said I would never wear skinny jeans. I think flares might be hard to pull off but I agree that they should not be too wide or too long.
Ginta said…
It's either skinnies or flares for me too! I've loved flares actually longer than skinnies :) Both styles work for me - I just love how they accentuate my legs. lol Besides silhouette they create is esthetically appealing to me. And I agree - too wide is just too wide!
I actually love to switch between opposites - feminine, frilly skirts/ dresses and ethereal blouses vs masculine, tailored jackets & pants in navy or black.
yanqin said…
Ammu: I agree about style becoming more compressed as you get older, and I don't miss some of my past experiments, haha. I like that I can trust my taste more now.

The Bohemienne: I do like to surprise myself and try something new too, especially when it's something that works.

miss sophie: you do a pretty good job, as far as i can tell :)

Lindsay K: I love jeans of all kinds and I'm definitely more experimental with trouser shapes than any other item of clothing, but I do love an uniform!

Meri: I do like to surprise myself!

Ginta: I think you look lovely in flares, lucky you because it's trickier for me!

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