1Q11 round-up

The post title is a reference to my former job editing financial reports - I've come to think of time in financial years and quarters. Argh. in any case, I can't believe a quarter of the year has flown by!

In any case, my want list, updated:

Purchased -
- Casual shirt
- A watch

Removed -
- Perfect black cigarette pants

Remaining -
- A smallish day bag that also works for evening

I took out the trousers because although my current pair is not perfect, it's serviceable, and I'm expecting to wear them less now that I'll be wearing mainly jeans to work. It seems rather pointless to buy them. A bit of a pity because I tried the Gap ones and they are a great fit. Almost wish I needed them.

Also, what I've bought so far this year:
- Leopard loafers
- Silk shirt
- Checked cotton shirt
- Black dress
- Watch

I am debating raising the quota of 10 things this year for my trip to Europe later this year in October - can I call them "exceptional items" (ooh, more financial terminology) since it's an one-off event?

And a few things I'm crushing but haven't really made a decision on:
- A chunky jumper. Unnecessary but really, so cool to have.
- A long cable knit skirt, very Michael Kors, from Massimo Dutti. Shockingly flattering. I tend not to wear skirts. But I regularly crush on things that I haven't tried before, wondering, for instance, if I am a secret long-skirt wearer waiting to bust out.

Said skirt:

dutti ss11

Photographer: Paola Kudacki for Massimo Dutti


Picture from fashiongonerogue via tfs


The year has been flying by. I guess I should do my recap so far soonish. I would up your quota when you go on vacation, the "rules" really only apply when you're at home. I like the skirt, it is very Kors-esque.
angie said…
I´ve seen that skirt and I liked it very much but for me is a very difficult piece to wear.
Stacie said…
I so love long skirts, I think they are very comfortable and flattering when styled correctly (belting is almost mandatory)
Fleurette said…
Haha, I agree with Pret. It's April tomorrow and I haven't even made a recap of my purchases this season! Where are you going? If you're going to stop by Oslo, we should meet up!
miss sophie said…
oy, don't remind me that it's already the end of March! :P

i'm curious who the contenders are for your smallish day-to-evening bag. i know you mentioned the chanel 2.55 before!

the long cable knit skirt is very interesting...i'm not a skirt/dress person really but i do like a nice sleek maxi skirt/dress for late spring and summer.
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I probably will - I'm going to get a better deal shopping in Europe than here with the exchange rate, so it makes sense to hold off buying things now also. Can't wait to see your recap!

angie: long skirts tend not to flatter me either, but this one fit better than I expected. maybe it is the surprise of it fitting well that makes me want it , haha.

stacie: I always end up ignoring all my dresses and skirts (and I only have 2 skirts) because I prefer to just slouch around in trousers. You're right about the careful styling a long skirt needs - I'll look frumpy if things go wrong.

fleurette: I'm headed to Paris and London and possibly a third nearby city in October. Feel free recommend any must-dos in Paris. I've been there but I'll love to know which are the good places people are eating at these days especially.

miss sophie: I think I'm too jeans and t shirt dependent to do justice to this skirt, and it would be a shame to not wear it. It's not the most practical item either.

Actually I don;t have any serious contenders for the bag - the 2.55 is probably the only one I'm sort of considering, but it is rather expensive and truth be told I'm not going to get a lot of use out of it on weekdays when I work. But it will be such a lovely special item to own, and I like that it's classic appeal is tried and tested so worries about it looking dated. I've admired it ever since my aunt carried one in the 80s!
Olivia said…
Without a doubt your purchase of the quarter, year, even decade is your watch. Have you been enjoying wearing it? Such a special purchase.
It's definitely a really good idea at points like this to look back on your purchases and wardrobe plans throughout the year - it keeps you focused! I should definitely do this, I tried to think back over my purchases and they seem quite muddled and haphazard which is not the calm, ordered wardrobe building I'm after! :) xx
Kate said…
Your shopping seems so ordered and calm. I wish mine was more like that!
Vegalyn said…
I'm only going to say: welcome to Europe !!

Which countries/cities are on your travel plan?

I'm heading for Asia in 3 weeks time. First for business, then family visit and traveling..... yeah, yeah, it's all good
Ammu said…
Ooh enjoy your holiday! I am really enjoying shopping in a more ordered manner this year. I bought a black alexander Wang bag this year, along with a gold and silver bag by an Indian designer alpana Bawa. A few handwoven shawls - navy, multicoloured leopard print, and grey/ecru print. And my iPad, definitely my favourite purchase this year! I have a jcrew tee on its way to me, white with a few sequins. It feels like quite a lot. And at the moment, although it's fun to look at beautiful bags and clothes on netaporter, I feel very little inclination to buy. Haven't had a list of wants for a while now :)
lin said…
Olivia: I wear the watch every day, which is the beauty of a watch - it's one of those things that never go unworn and they're built to last. Do share your round-up for the year so far..I did this to keep me motivated and organised, I was far more haphazard in the past, but I really want to manage my spending and wardrobe better.

Kate: I'm trying to be ordered, it doesn't really come naturally, when it comes to clothes!

Vegalyn: We're definitely headed for Paris and London, and possibly somewhere in Belgium.

Where in Asia are you headed? Sounds like a good trip!

Ammu: Those sound like great buys. I haven't been seeing a lot to add to my list as well - it's like there's lots to like but I don't feel inclined to go past admiring them from a distance.
Vegalyn said…
oh, I live in Belgium, so if you need tips on restaurants,shops,hotspots......

I'm heading for Shanghai on business, then will stay with my parents-in-law for a weekend before heading on a trip in Taiwan. Been to Taiwan many times, but all for work, now is going to be the first leisure trip.
Fashion Tidbits said…
i'd get that skirt if i was at least 10 cm taller. alas!
lin said…
Vegalyn: That's great, don't mind if I do if we decide to head there, it.

My mother is Taiwanese, I grew up visiting almost every year, but I haven't been back since 2008 or 2009. I love the food! I hope you have a great time.

Fashion Tidbits: I have petite friends who look great in long skirts, I guess they got their proportions right...so don't give up!

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