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As a regular reader of American Vogue, I'd always suspected contributing editor Lawren Howell had killer style (based on some pages she's styled), and I was thrilled to have this suspicion confirmed when she popped up on's "Five Days, Five Looks,One Girl" feature.


I basically want everything of hers. She has an eye for simple but strong pieces (in excellent cut and quality), and styling them in a straightforward way that makes the subtle details pop. Everything is very fuss-free, very natural looking.


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S said…
wow, I really like her style! It's very unique ... this is how to have a bit of a Western influence without being full on cowboy. And she manages to do it in a way that seems really luxe. I appreciate when people are not over accessorized or styled. She looks great.
Lindsay K said…
I thought the same thing when I saw this. Lawren Howell has great style. She just looks fresh and I love that she was wearing so many pieces that she borrowed or where gifted from her mom. And she's smiling!!!
Ammu said…
I love that Vogue feature - and I love how she makes menswear look so elegant and perfect for the female form. Plus she has a beautiful smile, which always helps!
Garderoben said…
I love the brogues, they are just perfect.
hannah-rose said…
lauren howell is such an all-american beauty! i love that she wears things like a western belt, the beaten up backpack.. totally classic and beautiful.

son said…
I really like the way she uses colour (and red particularly) as an accent. That and the fact that there are lots of small but very particular details that keep popping out on closer inspection.
Ginta said…
I love her style, she's a perfection! Casual & elegant. Very inspirational!
luka said…
gosh, she's so american!
that backpack is amazing! i love a girl who can wear backpack with elegance.
onlycoolcats said…
First thought after seeing these pictures: she looks kind of warm and friendly. I love her vintage -look backpack? Does somenone has any idea which brand is it?
Mari said…

This are looks that take some self-knowledge to achieve.

I am just realizing what things really suit me even if I have to step on the border of my comfort zone.


-La Copine

Meri said…
She is beautiful, so natural and effortless looking. I love the first picture and how she is wearing several different colours but still manages to look classy and chic.

I am still trying to find out what suits me and my body type, hopefully I will have a sense of style this good one day.
lin said…
S: I like her way with western touches too, and it's not something I usually gravitate to. She wears it with a self-assurance that feels very authentic and not too "statement-y".

Lindsay K: Agreed, I think you can really feel her love for the pieces.

Ammu: Her smile is totally all-American perfect.

Garderoben: I'd long given up on wearing brogues regularly, but this picture does nudge me to change me mind.

hannah-rose: I do find her very refreshing compared to most of the fashion week street style looks so far. Other people look great as well but she looks somehow more comfortable and low-key but still very polished.

son: Exactly! I love the way the ribbing of her sweater echoes the pleats of her skirt.

Ginta: I hope to look as elegant when I'm casual (which is most of the time).

Luka: I always feel foolish with a backpack. Maybe it's because I generally find them not very handy when I'm trying to take something out in the middle of the street. She looks terrific though.

onlycoolcats: I think she mentioned it's Prada and she bought it from a vintage store in San Francisco. It does looks like something you'd be able to find in a vintage store.

Mari: Agreed, I admire the confidence that really comes through in her looks.

Meri: Even now, I'm still making fashion mistakes. But I don't think we'll ever stop, we'll just hopefully make less of them!
miss sophie said…
i really love the pop of red that she's doing in all the looks. she really embodies the essense of american style, as cliched as an idea that is, she makes it look fresh and not like some Ralph Lauren ad.

btw, what fashion mistakes have you made recently? haha. this would be a fun post to do :D
lin said…
Ooh, good suggestion, that's food for thought! Should make for a fun post, just needs to wait until I get my camera back.
cdeemurphy said…
i just saw lauren the other day at joan's on third in LA. she looked just as stylish in person as she does in the vogue feature. she was wearing the same brogues shoes and knapsack as seen here. it is nice to know that fashion people use their stuff more than once!

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