blue, II


From top: Tommy Ton for; Juergen Teller for Céline S/S 2011; Gunta Stölz on That Kind of Woman; my own; Mario Testino for US Vogue March 1998

I know, lazy blogging. But gosh, that Dries jacket. What's not to love about a jacket that celebrates blue so well? I spent my weekend in variations of the colour, and plenty more time dreaming of that jacket.

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The stack of blue jeans is so comforting for some reason. Also didn't you want that cuff in the first picture (not the hermes one) but the other one? I know I saw that picture before and it reminded me of you.
Kate said…
I love blue; I think all the camel colours around at the moment are sparking a blue-and-brown thing, which I love. I've been painting my nails electric blue a lot lately..
Vegalyn said…
Love Kate in that picture. I got a pleated skirt for spring and really look forward to wear it with bare legs. At the moment thick nylons are still needed.

But somehow I can't get any enthousiasm over that oh-so-hip Celine bag. Just find it funny looking in one way or other.
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I love my stack of jeans; probably feel like the one aspect of my closet I've nailed. That bracelet is not the one I've been eyeing (I was admiring the Tiffany Bone cuff) but it does look a lot of like the Georg Jensen watch.

Kate: Blue is like grey; so many hues to choose from, each with their own special mood. It's difficult to find good blue items of clothing though.

Vegalyn: I'm fairly neutral about the shape of the bag itself, but it always comes in the most delicious colour combinations; I LOVE the blue python in this case. I also liked it when they did it in beige linen trimmed in black leather.

I love a knife pleat skirt; but I'm not much of a skirt person - I'll almost always choose trousers over a skirt when I'm getting dressed.
Nicole said…
i love that first photo with the blue notebook. I just bought two purple moleskines. I am really trying to bring color into my life this season!

-Nicole from Simply Nicole
Fashion Tidbits said…
that colour is just absolutely stunning. Kate looks fantastic in that shade too...i'm really into wearing primary colours as of late- really crazy about red, blue and yellow!!!!
miss sophie said…
the color is almost a cornflower blue - it shows up season after season in the spring collections and is a refreshingly breezy color. i always think of getting ready for beachy summers when i see that color!

i love your shot of your denim stack as well. :) is there one particular pair/wash you're reaching for often these days?
Anonymous said…
Is that top photo the Hermes Ulysse notebook. I've been lusting after one for a while but not sure if it's worth the cost. You'd think for that kind of money they would include a pen-holder as part of the design. Suzanne
lin said…
Nicole: I considered red moleskine diary, and then went for black, haha. The notebook is the perfect shade of blue.

Fashion tidbits: Sounds like fun, I've been loving all the Jil Sander inspired colour combinations in the Zara lookbook. You shld post a picture or two!

Miss Sophie: Yes, I adore that colour - like a bright blue sky.

I've been wearing that medium blue one (skinny), some really faded ones (slouchy straight), and dark wide-legs. I usually keep about 3 pairs of my stack in rotation because I don't like to wash my jeans too much so I choose a few to get a lot of wear out of and switch around seasonally.

Suzanne: It looks like Hermes, but I'm not an expert, haha. Yes, I stared at the pen clipped on the cover for quite a while. But then I find that penholders on notebooks don't always fit the pen you like to use.
If Jane said…

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