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Blogger is being odd, and I can't seem to reply to your comments, so I'm just going to stick them in a post here... Thanks everyone for all the comments, please do posts on your make-up and skincare too, I'd love to know more about what you guys do!

jennifer: i was a bit suspicious of tinted moisturisers but i tried one that really did make my skin look better than it actually is, haha. I love walking into drugstores in Taiwan (my mum is Taiwanese) and buying those inexpensive paper masks, a nice deeply hydrating treat for the skin.

S: I used to just stick to one product but after a while I realised it was actually fun to see the kind of things cosmetic companies came up with just to hydrate the skin, haha. I like to use very few products, but products that make my skin feel pampered.

Amanda: The thing is, I always feel the person looks better before the circle lenses and stuff - but I suppose we will never know how someone really feels about their looks.

La fille mal gardeƩ: I'm lazy too, for the longest time I tried to find the perfect 2-in-1 sunscreen and moisturiser but I never found one that worked for my skin. I often see women applying their makeup on the bus in the morning - I have to admit, it's impressive, their skill!

Alex: I really like Estee Lauder products, but boy are they expensive. I actually like using liquid foundation as my concealer, I like the texture better.

Lindsay K: Dryness is my bugbear too, and living in a tropical climate complicates trying to find the right product that's hydrating but won't make me oily. I agree about a healthy lifestyle; I always feel wrong if I don't have enough fresh fruit and veggies and water, and I think it shows on my face.

Anon 1: On days where my skin goes crazy (my recent trip to Bali, with the constant slathering of heavy duty sunblock mixed with insect repellent and exposure to sea water, really freaked my skin out a bit), I definitely spend a good amount of time trying to make my skin look better with some light foundation and concealer. I think it's natural to want to cover bad skin - it makes me feel a little more confident - but I would be too worried about irritating it more by using too much product. I've been lucky that my skin problems have never been serious though.

Kate: My sisters love make-up! And I always like to see the looks they come up with...and I have to admit they definitely look more glamorous than I do in photographs. It looks smarter in workplaces too. Thank goodness my office is a pretty casual one.

Alexandra: I have always been curious about Eve Lom...sounds like I have to try it. I agree about drinking water...dehydration is always the reason why my skin starts to look tired...plus I like feeling "detoxed" from all the water.

I've always felt uncomfortable with foundation but I love the Shu Uemura foundation mousse with SPF: it's perfect as light coverage and you can't feel it at all once it's on.

Anon 2: Agree with your comments to Anon 1 - I feel terribly self-conscious whenever my skin is not at its best and my instinct is to hide it. I've been lucky that I've never had serious problems so I haven't had to shovel on coverage but I could understand the desire to. But doesn't it aggravate the situation?

Olivia: I think freckles are beautiful! I've always thought it was odd Asian women have a fetish for banishing them.

And I definitely enjoy a simple skincare routine, it's very relaxing after a long day to sit down and clean and moisturise with some heavenly smelling things.

miss sophie: It took a while for my skin to find a comfort zone and settle down too, and I think I've figured out the quirks to know what sets it off and what's good for it - but skin is always changing, so I guess it's a lifetime of discovery, My skin is much drier now than in my teens, for instance.

I always groan at all the stuff my sisters and mother have to travel with. But even my own bare bones routine really adds up. I'm a victim of the cosmetics industry, no matter what I'd like to believe!

Pret a Porter P: I'm not really deft with my hands either! In any case, it sounds very logical to let your clothes take center stage. I would if I were wearing McQueen :)

son: I'm sure eventually you'll be thrilled to look younger than your years!

Ammu: It is, but I couldn't help laughing! I hope the girl learnt something from it though. what sunscreen do you use? I'm always on the lookout for new things to try...

Garderoben: You dye your eyelashes yourself? Is it complicated? Dermatologica sunscreen was awesome for me for a few years, but then my skin changed a bit and it got too heavy for me and I needed a switch. I like how straightforward their products are - sometimes it's a mystery what companies are selling.

luka: I feel satisfied if I look into the mirror in the morning after a good sleep too, I think it shows if you're well-rested. The Burt's Bees lip shimmer sounds really yummy btw...I do like their products, esp the hand salve. Good for my chapped hands after scuba diving!

Ginta: It must be interesting, to vary your routine and look according to season, I would find it fun. I was shocked by how harsh winter was on skin too, the first time I experienced it, I knew that my tropical-inclined moisturisers were no defence, and I rushed to a drugstore, haha.

Fleurette: I love that website too; I enjoy chatting about skincare and make-up...it's such a pampering thing to do and there's always an interesting new product to try...although I always force myself to finish what I'm using first.

My younger sister is completely dependent on liquid eyeliner, to the point that I actually feel surprised when I see without it, so I can understand why you need to wean off! I think if I had gotten into make-up at a younger age maybe I would take more of an interest, but then I was doing a lot of sports and there was no time to fuss about stuff like that, and now it just seems too much of a bother.


Ammu said…
I use Avene SPF 50 - but if you want something lighter try Vichy SPF 50. It's pretty light and easy to use.
Garderoben said…
Yes, I dye them myself, the eye brows as well. It's easy, once you get the hang of it!
S said…
lin - well, the funny thing is, after your post, I bought a Kiehl's cream and mask :) I've been not so satisfied with my Cetaphil lotion as a facial moisturizer, so I decided it's about time to upgrade! We'll see if I ever find the time to use to mask, however.

Garderoben - wow, you dye both yourself? It sounds complicated, but I suppose makes your day to day routine much, much easier. I guess that's part of why I feel like I can get away without makeup, I have very dark hair. But at the same time, I always thought blond hair with pale skin and eyes is an extremely beautiful coloring :)
Would just like to comment that my mother in law uses Estee Lauder and she lives overseas (out of America). I send her everything from here because it costs half as much.
lin said…
Ammu: Thanks, I like Vichy products, and wouldn't mind giving Avene a try either. When my current one runs out then!

Garderoben: Interesting! I think my sisters would want to try this.

S: I think certain things get the job done, but don't feel particularly luxurious or pleasurable to use - texture, scent, and I know, shallow, but packaging, haha. My favourite drugstore brand is L'Oreal, not too expensive but their products usually feel quite good.

barefoot golightly: lucky you! I get my friends who travel there t help me buy as well.

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