I think I may be just a little too caught up with the romantic landscapes conjured up by the English writers I've been indulging in. It's rather silly to post about a fall show when the weather is sickeningly, oppressively warm, but when I looked at the sweeping long coats and lean riding-style jackets of the Céline fall show, I found myself thinking of Mr Rochester, Mr De Winter, Heathcliff, possibly Mr Darcy (this is strictly my conjecture since he was never described as being dark-haired) - and how all these Byronic figures might look rather dashing in those items.


Phoebe Philo was thinking of luxury cars; I like the image of mobility and motion this conjures. Only rather than sleek cars, I'm picturing fencers in an elegant duel in those sleek turtlenecks, and riders on horseback, their long coats with flapping in the wind, vitality on their cheeks. It's a cool, thoughtful mix of almost courtly elegance with a dash of modern engineering (all those sleek panels and inserts). I didn't care much for the oddly panelled dresses and skirts though.

I've wanted a Céline jacket since Phoebe Philo's first collection, and I'm loving how every season, she's coming up with evolutions of it that makes you want to keep collecting them. Alas, the lightness of my pockets means that owning such a piece is about as likely as me meeting the Byronic hero of my dreams.


Pictures from vogue.com


Pret a Porter P said…
Your posts are so thoughtful and well-written. I can only wish I was so articulate. The Freja look is perfect.
Alexandra said…
A great collection. and hadn't thought about it before, but agree with you on the allusions to literary heroes! Very astute of you!

K. said…
Mr Darcy with a modern twist! I look forward to seeing Phoebe Philo's collection pour homme some day.
yanqin said…
Pret a Porter: Thanks! The way she's carrying the bag reminds me a fencer carrying their helmuts.

Alexandra: I have been lost in a literary world for the past few days, I think I'm seeing things everywhere actually.

K.: That's an interesting prospect; she seems like she could be up to it, but she does say she designs for herself, will that translate to designing for men?
Kate said…
Ah, that's the first thing I thought when I saw this collection! Very gothic romance austere.
yanqin said…
Kate: It's nice to know other ppl think the same way; I thought maybe I was seeing things after getting just a little too immersed in books.
Unknown said…
always happy to read your words!!! ;)) i adore phoebe philo's work...really1
cheap shopping said…
Really dashing collection. especially the first two are awesome in colors and wearing.

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