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I have one blue cotton shirt with white stripes, one white cotton shirt with an attached scarf, one white silk shirt, one navy silk shirt, one plaid shirt I nicked from my younger sister.

I love all of them except maybe the plaid shirt (the buttons gape at odd places), but I've been wanting an honest-to-goodness casual shirt - not something in the smooth cotton you see in work shirts, not something in silk, but something in washed cotton that I could toss into a suitcase. And I don't want the shapeless super-thin cotton things that feel like little more than beach cover-ups. I want something that's still reasonably tailored.

For the longest time, I agonised over whether I wanted a chambray shirt - I love chambray, but I wear jeans a lot and chambray isn't such a good look with jeans. Not for me anyway.

So here's a new item for the 2011 shopping list: a casual shirt.

I envision the shirt being blue, but plain blue would be a bit boring - it does nothing my for my wardrobe. Perhaps preppy stripes, or a small plaid/check pattern would be nice.

I quite like the look of Steven Alan shirts - good reviews, and the prices seem reasonable. But I'm reluctant to ship from so far at that kind of shipping rates - costly to my pocket if it doesn't fit.

My best bet is Massimo Dutti - I have bought two shirts there and their sizing works wells for me, and their shirts are very well-made at their prices: french seams on the sides, very nicely attached collars and cuffs, well-finished buttonholes, buttons that don't look cheap. Some day I may do a Sofia Coppola and have my shirts made at Charvet, but until I start earning oodles, I'll hold that thought.

I've been resisting lunchtime shopping, but tomorrow is Friday, and a jaunt to the shops during lunch on a weekday always gives me that pleasant, slacking off feeling which is the perfect way to end off the work week.

My 2011 list, updated:
- A watch
- A small-ish day bag also that works for night
- Perfect black cigarette pants
- Casual shirt

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Kate said…
I really like your 2011 list so far. A casual shirt seems so hard to find, but I'd really like one too. The uber-tailored kind does nothing for my figure, so something a bit softer would be perfect. I'll be interested to see what you find!
Ammu said…
What about Brooks Brothers? Their blue shirts are heaven. Not too thin, not too loose, and machine-washable.
I can vouch for Steven Alan, I buy a lot of their shirts for work. They are very sturdy and hold up in a lot of washings. They have so many fabric types though it's hard to pick something based off of website pictures.

My favorite casual shirt is by Margiela line 4. Have you looked at lately? It can be overwhelming but if you're looking for something specific it might not be so bad. Right now they are having 10% off and free shipping too.
Nanashi said…
For casual shirt I'd really say Steven Alan--I have a boyish figure and it always works without ironing the shirt, the sizing has become a bit tricky though since they added petite in addition to xs---but they have nice blue shirts and the reverse seam style just works years after years.

Also along with koko I think margiela's line 4 is great (the theme of line 4 is quality well made clothes for women so they are less experimental than their other lines) I have one blue white stripe shirt I got and they are amazing.

what's also underrated is Golden Goose (their boots get props but rarely their shirts), it's an Italian interpretation of the American classic.
lin said…
Kate: I've seen shirts that I like, or look good on others, but finding one that looks right on me definitely takes a fair bit of effort.

Ammu: I never look right in any of their shirts I try - wrong body type for them probably. I always go in for a look though!

koko: Yoox doesn't ship here! Nor Steven Alan, for that matter. I have to depend on third-party shipping svcs, which is why shopping online is a challenge if it's something I've never tried before.

nanashi: definitely gonna check out the labels you and koko have mentioned. I've heard a lot about Golden Goose actually, shame it's really quite pricey for me!
Alexandra said…
Have you tried Cos? I have a beautifully cut white shirt from there and have also got my eye on a plain blue one.
miss sophie said…
charlotte gainsbourg wears the gamine/garconne look so well. she's up there with sofia coppola for me as contemporary style icons.

and as for the steven alan shirts, i have a small trove that i'm trying to edit a bit, some of which are new or only worn once. feel free to email me if you're interested! :)

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