A few things of this interview with Mark Seliger by Cathy Horyn about his new book "Listen" published by Rizzoli that's giving me shivers down my spine.

"Mark Seliger’s collection of nudes, portraits and landscapes is just about the handsomest book of photographs to be published in a while. Every detail of “Listen,” from the quality of the binding and endpapers to the selection and reproduction of the platinum-plated prints, is a book-lover’s treat."

And Mr Seliger, in his own words:

"It’s a collection of photographs that started to feel like a body of work. Pretty much each section presented itself to me, and Fred was great with the pagination. The first bird I photographed was the same day my father passed away; the flowers were a day that a relationship crumbled. Going out and shooting the Brooklyn Bridge was a day I had an epiphany. At the same time, translating pictures into a different printmaking process is sort of the next level. The sequence of the images also brings the book another kind of strength. It’s like a sad song. You put on a sad song and it makes you happy. I don’t know how that happens. But I felt that way about a lot of these pictures: they made me feel pretty great."

Going straight on my (non-clothing) want list.

P.S.: I got sick of looking at shoes I don't own anymore in my old header, and swapped it for something, erm, simplistic (I have no design flair, none). Until inspiration strikes then.


Fashion Tidbits said…
thx for the bday wishes :) that cartier watch is just stunning!
Ammu said…
Make the new watch your header :)
miss sophie said…
play around with your new header! though i went through efforts to crop various inadequate photos to make a header, and recently gave up in favor of massive Courier font :P maybe i'll make a go of it again and do something poppy.

and oh my god, your birthday watch is so gorgeous. congrats on such an heirloom piece!! :D
lin said…
Fashion Tidbits: I hope you had a good one!

Ammu, miss sophie: I couldn't decide if I wanted a photo in my header, haha, so text seemed like the best interim plan.

Also, miss sophie, it's not a birthday watch, just a gift to myself :)
miss sophie said…
aha! this is probably some subliminal idea on my part thinking towards my own birthday... ;) it's such a gorgeous purchase regardless - and a great investment.

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