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I spent Sunday feeling furious at myself for losing my mobile phone the day before. I have never lost a mobile phone EVER. Probably explains why I'm taking it so hard. I spent much of the pre-dawn hours of Sunday plotting how I would track down the thief (yes it was stolen) my phone, "Taken"-style. I regained a sense of perspective when my younger sister reminded me I lost a mobile phone, not a child.

Sitting down for a BBC "Pride and Prejudice" DVD marathon was quite a comfort. It was interesting to watch Colin Firth (playing Mr Darcy) from all the way back in 1996, as I just caught "The King's Speech". He looked terribly young, and hurrah for him, his acting has improved exponentially (not that he was terrible back then, mind you).

Well, time to start the week, and I'm posting a CK ad from the 90s, back when Calvin Klein was designed by Calvin Klein. I like the "you're either with us or you're not" attitude of this ad - it has a slight hint of hostility, befitting what I feel every time I think about my weekend.

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Taken style lol! There is something hostile about their expressions, except for Christy, she looks sweet compared to everyone else.
asha said…
That sucks so much. I've lost my phone too, it's an absolute pain. If you compare current CK to that image,it's so similar.
Ammu said…
So sorry to hear about that! It totally sucks... Ugh. Love christy turlington in those old Calvin Klein ads. Remember the Eternity ads? So pretty.
Aïssa said…
That sucks! I'm with you on that Taken revenge action! I hate thiefs with a passion. Reminds me when my house was broken in.
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I grew up on a diet of vigilante movies, and still love a good one. I can't help it! I never tire of Christy's face - so serene.

Asha: Yeah, replacing it is a total pain. Otherwise, it's been fun, having an excuse to not return calls or messages, or emails on the go!

I saw the ads! They look slightly more futuristic somehow, but I see what you mean. I think the look now is more slick and shiny.

Ammu: I loved those too! I love seeing Christy Turlington pop up every now and then in ads and mags.

Aissa: That's terrible, far more terrible than losing my mobile - it must have felt so violating, to have your home broken into.
S said…
I'm sorry you lost your phone! But Pride and Prejudice *is* the ultimate comfort! I've had the BBC dvd set, along with the Sony Classics version of Persuasion, sitting in my Amazon cart for a few weeks now ... perhaps it's time to hit checkout! I just went through a Jane Austen book binge myself, and I have to say Persuasion is still my very favorite.
miss sophie said…
aww shucks - i'm really sorry to hear that jerks actually *stole* your phone!! :(

don't worry, i'm the same way. i really pride myself on *never* being careless with my things. but sometimes things just happen and at least it was a phone, not your wallet or, as your sister says, a child! :P

i'm curious what phone you end up getting as a replacement. somewhat tangentially, my mobile contract is ending soon and my 3+ yr old blackberry is getting on in age. not sure about Droid vs iphone...

BBC + jane austen is like comfort food for me. glad we're on the same colin firth wavelength! :)
If Jane said…
oh i too shall add: oh that sucks!!!
and love love calvin klein from the 90's!
and the bbc + jane austen just rocks...;))
lin said…
S: I need to read Persuasion! I had a short phase of Austen a while back, but I dropped off after Emma...didn't really take to the rest of her books. But now that you'be mentioned it, I must give it a try.

Btw, did you like the film version of Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley? I thought she was too pretty to play Elizabeth but the setting of the film is incredible, I loved Donald Sutherland as the father, and Matthew MacFayden was hot in this own way as Mr Darcy.

miss sophie: Incidentally, I bought a Blacberry! It was the most economical choice, and I'm not really a fancy gadgets person. I was also curious abt the BB.

Anyway after 2 days of use, I think I miss my iPhone: it's really beautifully designed and I love their interface, even the font dammit, haha. And the apps are unbeatable - it was always a joy to flick through stories from NYT, BBC, or fashion news ansd shows on I say if you want to surf on the go, buy the iPhone. It's more instinctive than an Android phone too (I tested one last year for work).

The BB is more efficient in some ways than the iPhone but I have to take my hat off to Apple for creating such a fun and functional product.

Okay this was an incredibly long response. Hah.

If Jane: I;m now quite tempted to go hunt down all the other BBC dramas I've missed over the years.

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