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: Jennifer Mays for The New York Times

Today is the eve of the Lunar New Year (also called Chinese New Year)*, traditionally when families assemble for a reunion dinner, and usher in the new year together. I'm off to Malaysia for a week to visit my dad's family (all eight of his siblings and their brood) and welcome the Year of the Rabbit and bid goodbye to the Year of the Tiger.

I was thrilled also by my last buy of the lunar year, which arrived in the mail yesterday, after a long search for a decent and decently-priced copy - "Peter Lindbergh: Selected Works 1996-1998", published by Assouline. I started paying attention to fashion photography around that time and his brand of gritty glamour plus the stripped down styles of the period was a defining moment for me.

I didn't have time to take some proper pictures of the content, but you can browse the whole book (and a whole lot of other goodness by one of my favourite photographers) here under "books".

Wishing any Chinese* person reading this good health and prosperity in the new year!

Picture from nytimes.com

* - EDIT: Thought about it thanks to a comment from Fleurette and realised lots of cultures observe the lunar (or something similar) calendar. Wrote this post too hastily, I think!


K. said…
Happy new year to you too! :) Have a lovely, festive time wherever you are!
Fleurette said…
I'm not Chinese but we also celebrate new year today. We call it Vietnaemse new year, haha. So happy new year to you!
miss sophie said…
happy new year Lin!! :) my boyfriend and i are going to visit my parents next weekend, so it'll be a slightly belated family celebration, but fun and festive nonetheless.

i have a pair of paper cut-out bunnies taped to my apartment door saying "good fortune" and "happy new year". so old school - love it! :)
Enjoy the trip! :)
Mari said…
Aww, thanks! Happy, healthy, and prosperous year. I am a hare, so this year makes me especially happy.


-La Copine

luka said…
hi i'm a chinese:)) i wish you a very happy, healthy and productive new year!
Aïssa said…
Happy new year Lin!
If Jane said…
happy new year!!!!
onlycoolcats said…
I am wishing You happy,happy new Year!
lin said…
Thanks for all the well-wishes everyone!

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