Beautiful. What I love about this look is how it doesn't channel the usual vibes of a long look: neither too floaty and romantic nor too grungey. It's elegant and down-to-earth with just the right amount of swish. The muted colour palettes reveals a lot of texture up close.

Digression: Was reading a feature in New York magazine about The Sartorialist Scott Schuman and Garance Doré (and I admit, one that left me not liking Mr Schuman very much), and was inspired to dig up this particular post I really enjoyed when I only followed his blog intermittently in 2005 or 2006. It's far more charming than most things you'd see on his blog now, although I must say he's become a better photographer.

Also, this is the first-ever picture I saved off his blog. Doesn't she have such a great attitude?


His is still my favourite street style blog because aesthetically, it's more my kind of thing than other blogs. I do miss the days where his posts were peppered with interesting observations about tailoring, the fashion industry, New York City etc. But I admit, beautiful pictures make up for a lot.

Pictures from the sartorialist here and here


Amanda said…
I love Garance and she has such a keen eye for fashion. For all the things I've read about Schumann, he always seems to come across as someone who needs to compensate for something (height maybe?) Either way, the pair would always be the first to have brought street style to a whole new level for me.
S said…
I love the first picture. She really does have the proportions just right here. Your analysis is spot on!
Vegalyn said…
I still enjoy browsing both their blogs occasionally. But I don't really follow them as I like blogs with more contents and opinions.

but I think Garance has become so popular because of her "chatty" style of blogging. It's so often that a "good friend of hers" happens to "walk by" and appear in the pictures looking just perfectly on trend and picture-ready.

I read the Closet Confidential-piece on Garance in the latest issue of ELLE UK. I must say I'm actually not that impressed with what she had to say. It's all a bit "seen it, read it".
Cecylia said…
wow! I love the first photo- the log maxi skirt becomes 'alive' with the wind :)
lin said…
Amanda: Haha spot on about Scott Schuman. Also, if that's your dog, he/she's adorable!

S: Thanks! I long to rock a long skirt. But the proportion doesn't work on me, plus I think I'm too clumsy.

Vegalyn: I think Garance is perfectly "now" because her style fits right into the mood of the moment, and it's also part of the whole "women dressing women" (Phoebe Philo) and "women dressing for women" (the worship of the French Vogue eds, ADR, Kate Lanphear etc etc) thing happening right now. Her girlish, enthusiastic, sisterhood thing and her eye for spotting good style is pretty unique. She makes it look fun.

You're right about the Elle UK feature sounding a little stale, but I still covet her stuff, haha.

Cecylia: It's really a well-captured moment - I saw other snaps of this exact woman and her outfit by other photogs and they just weren't as hypnotic. For me anyway.
The Bohemienne said…
That really is the perfect "long skirt" outfit--I'm saving that photo for future reference!
onlycoolcats said…
Woman from the first photo:I saw her on Vanessa Jackman and Satorialist blog today.She looks amazing with the long skirt, blazer and chanel bag. poetry!
Aïssa said…
I'm not the only one who cringed reading that itw... I couldn't believe how condenscending toward Garance, Scott appeared in the article.
Apart from that, this lady looks great, such a great outfit.
lin said…
Aissa: Yeah, I almost wish I hadn't read it, I guess there are some thing we don't need to know (if they were political leaders or say, head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, then I would) haha.

I find it odd that anyone puts up with that sort of behaviour. But that's their problem, I guess.
Stephanie said…
I too miss the days of vintage Sartorialist. Yes, his eye is still spot-on and the light in his pictures gets better and better...but humility is underrated. Especially in fashion.

PS. Can't wait for the snow to melt around here so I can put together a long look!

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