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The always inspiring Yasmin Sewell. I clocked her cool, offhand way of wearing flashy bold necklaces just in time for me to experiment with some of the lovely pieces from my aunt.


It must be said (no matter how often I say it) that I don't wear jewellery or think about wearing them much. However, I have my magpie moments, and when an outfit enters my head, why say no? I'm sure you guys can understand the feeling of having that "aha!" moment when an outfit combination takes hold of your imagination. And navy and gold - mmmmmm....

This is old hat for experts in embellishment, but for me, it's a quantum leap. Now let's hope it stays in place all day and I don't strangle myself trying to straightening it.


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S said…
I love this combination! Indeed the deep navy and prim style of the shirt offsets the gold necklace beautifully. What a delightfully unexpected pairing!
I too love this combination! I'm really into pairing masculinity with feminity, such as this sharp collared shirt with the gorgeous statement necklace. I recently discovered your blog and I LOVE IT. Will be back! X
I always thought wearing jewelry with collared shirts tricky. I saw a woman the other day wearing a white shirt buttoned all the way up with a statement necklace (black and white striped plastic discs) right under the collar. With a black cardigan and then a brown leather DB jacket and then blackish jeans. I thought it looked so good. Maybe I don't have bold enough necklaces that go high enough to achieve this. Hm...

I like both yours and yasmine's versions. Beautiful texture on your dutti shirt too.
lin said…
S: I'm not really given to wearing all my shirts buttoned up, but I am occasionally adventurous.

Sonya: Thanks for your kind words!

Pret a Porter P: The necklace does peep out around the edges of my collar, but I can live with that. It's definitely tricky - like having a shirt collar peek out of a dress, BDJ-style. I've never found the right items to pull that off.
Alexandra said…
I'm very tempted to try this! It looks great on Yasmin and the navy offsets the gold so well on your version.
Kate said…
I love these colours together, it's so rich! I think I might put a different spin on it and put my bone beads under the collar of an ivory blouse.
miss sophie said…
what a great inspired style tweak! your aunt's vintage necklace looks super rad peeking out of the collar. it almost looks like a twisted and chic take on a traditional men's bowtie. and i love yasmin sewell - ever since she popped up on the sartorialist's blog 3 years ago i've had such a girl crush on her inimitable style!
lin said…
Alexandra: I don't often get to work navy and gold together; this was a 'golden' opportunity, so to speak.

Kate: That sounds pretty cool actually, I like the subtlety of it. Do show a pic on your blog if you do!

miss sophie: Yasmin Sewell always looks like herself - I love that she never works a trend like a fashion victim, and you see so much of that at all the fashion week streets style snaps!
editor said…
oh your combo is way better than yasmin's. WOW!

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