wet, feet aching

Spent this rainy, damp Friday waking up and realising I had 45 minutes to make it for a lunch appointment, and then dashing from the lunch to a mad round of shopping to find a birthday gift, which was interrupted by my friend's heel abruptly breaking off as we were crossing the road, which resulted in an hour-long diversion into finding a new pair of shoes, before we finally found the perfect gift, and could sit down for a late dinner -- all this while I was trying to explain to my friend the "plot" of '2001: A Space Odyssey' and debating what the hell the film meant and whether it had been worth 140 minutes of my life. Jury is out on that one.
No wonder I have a headache. I need to to go bed.


-h said…
this is such a perfect outfit.
fashionaddict said…
-h said…
you have such a fantastic collection of jeans.

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