overthinking/didn't think hard enough

I bought a white shirt yesterday - great fabric, great fit, potential to become super staple.
I was in a great mood, because good shirts that fit well off the rack are so rare. It is the perfect slouchy alternative to my one other white shirt, which leans towards formal and lean and sharp. I tried it on, loved it, and forgot that it came in blue-and-white.
When I remembered that, the troubles began. Haven't I been hankering after the charming preppiness of a blue-and-white striped shirt?
This has been bugging me all day. Did I really need another white shirt, when it was the blue-and-white that has been lacking? Should I exchange it? But isn't the white pretty wonderful, and pretty versatile anyway? Worn right, does it summon the same relaxed, nautical feel of a blue-and-white? Should I be indulgent and get both? But do I really want, or need two shirts, when I live in shirt-unfriendly weather?
Questions, questions. I am still undecided.


Gold Sphere said…
I love shirts and almost think the more the better... so I'm the wrong person to ask ;)

Do you have any pictures of this shirt?
fashionaddict said…
Saw your comment too late, I decided to swap it for the blue-and-white, shall post it some time. :)

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