the trap

The trap: when I find something wonderful that I know I have no use for. I am torn between buying it simply because it is wonderful and leaving it behind because I know despite its wonderful-ness, it's not going to get out much.
I tried this dress at Zara and loved the fit, love the patch of assymetrical gathers at the hip that gives it shape, love the single ribbon of a ruffle down the middle, and LOVE the inky midnight hue. Me and navy, it's an undying love affair.
The problem is that I haven't been unable to make dresses part of my daily uniform no matter how I try, and the matte silky material is just a tad too dressy for me on a daily basis.
I left the shop without it after (silently) talking myself out of it. I'm relieved that I made the rational decision, but am still feeling a pang of unfulfilled desire.


Anonymous said…
this is a hard one because it sounds like the dress IS very you.
i have a similar problem only with me, i fall for things that are NOT very me, and there, it is easier, if i am lucky enough to come to my senses before i run to the register, to walk away empty handed.
fashionaddict said…
A long line at the cashier can be a blessing, gives you time to think and yes, come to your senses! :)

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