clouds and sand

I think when I got dressed this morning, I was thinking of this apartment I saw in The New York Times -

It's such a simple, mediative, laid-back place, a place to unwind alone, or relax with friends, and I like that the decorator gave it space to grow and fill up - it's a home you know has room for you to evolve and build into something ever more personal over time.
Read about this $5,000 transformation here.
Images of apartment from The New York Times


Anonymous said…
okay, now i am DEEPLY regretting every interior design decision i have ever made.
Gold Sphere said…
Such inspirational space.
fashionaddict said…
Up and Down Town - Don't! I loved what we saw of your flat when you still had that blog.

Gold Sphere - Makes me want to go out and actualise this inspiration. I love the compact size more than anyway; it's like my desire for a small, compact but beautiful wardrobe.

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