sun. surf. manta rays

It's interesting to leave your blog untouched for a period of time, you come back and look at it with totally fresh eyes. My mind is still recaliberating.
I left for Bali last Thursday and got back on Monday, fell back into the rabbit hole of work on Tuesday, caught a fever on Wednesday, and stumbled back to work on Thursday and Friday. I miss the sun in bali already.
I didn't see any sunfish (seriously, one of the cutest things to see underwater), but it was my first time diving in Bali and the diving is incredible. The waters are colder (Pacific Ocean) so it was crystal clear and the corals were beautiful and teeming with life. Being under water is magic.
And I saw manta rays. These beautiful, playful, gentle giants were pure delight. I couldn't stop smiling the whole day after I saw them. Now, when I can't sleep at night, I picture them soaring over me across my ceiling, and it feels so peaceful and dreamy.
Bali was beauitful as usual, but seeing as I spent more time under water than above, I took all of, erm, one photo. So no pictures of the volcanic sand beach or the incredible cliffs at Manta Point. I'm a lousy tourist.


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