snap to attention

I thought my mind was too busy dreaming of Bali sunshine and crystal waters to bother with you know, fashion. What could possibly be better than life at sea on the deck of your boat with the tangy smell of salt in the air? Is there better inspiration than the dappled blues, reds, purples, orange, yellows of corals and fish under water? I refuse to leave it behind, I don't want to return to the urban drudge and get dressed for the office. Aargh.

About five minutes later, I logged into Google Reader and this greeted me on one of my favourite blogs, Garance Doré.

It's not better than my beloved sea, but it's inspiration that draws me into a different frame of mind. It is stunningly simple look, so modern, so elegant and so easy. Suddenly, it seems easier to let go of my desire to pad around in flips flops, shorts and a bathing suit for the rest of my life.

When your mind refuses to let go of what's over, there's magic when a new source of inspiration falls in your path, and helps to ease that shift.

Image from garance doré


Ammu said…
I LOVE Yasmin Sewell's style - totally confident and uncontrived. And that hair!
fashionaddict said…
Ooh yes, the hair is great. She's so comfortable and confident in whatever she wears.

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