So the new Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique finally opened, and I popped by today to visit my fellow grad tripper who's working there, as well as to check out the goodies on offer.

I clocked this tunic -

and a blue-and-white striped shirt with a Peter Pan collar, cut in a loose style. Even with a staff discount, $468 is a little too much for someone who makes $6 an hour, hahaha. *sigh*

It's great to see a wider range - at Blackjack it was so blink-and-you'd-miss-it - but overall, I was not exactly blown away, mainly because the prices made some of the pieces frankly ridiculous. There were some nice things, but also lots that you felt that you could find in Far East - badly made, destined to fall apart, but still.

It's like how I feel about DKNY - I rather like it, but it's not worth it. Take the price down a notch - maybe to Diesel prices, now that we are occasionally hawking $700 dresses, or 3.1 Phillip Lim prices - and I would plunk for it. (But why would they, lots of people are willing to plunk for it as it is.)

I imagine a blouse - in the same patchwork design as this dress - going for $1000 might make the richest tai-tai hesitate somewhat though.

It's just ridiculous. You would get laughed at for paying that kind of money for a top at Marc by Marc Jacobs.

The accessories were more exciting, in my opinion. Not the bags, those were kind of boring. There were some very nice sunglasses, cute jewellery, funky wallets, and the watches are completely covetable.

All this kind of made me think about what I can imagine myself buying whenever I move into the world of a working adult. I wouldn't mind paying $200 to $400 for a dress, $100 to $150 for a nice shirt, maybe more than $400 for a jacket. And I find that pretty extravagant. (But I would drop thousands for a bag. Really. I am such an It-Bag culture victim. First thing I do when I get my first bonus, I will run to Mulberry.)

I suppose this means that I am doomed to a life of shopping at very mass-market level stores, hahaha. But like I've said before, I believe you can dress well for very little money. I think designer things (or even just pricier-than-usual labels like A.P.C or Vanessa Bruno) are only worth when the design and quality is evident.

For instance, the first Marc tunic above, I would never consider looking to a watered-down version from Topshop et al. But the patchwork blouse? Check out Topshop and Zara for extensive offerings.

As for the striped shirt, well, maybe if it's still around at sale time.

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