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Oh my god, that post title sounds like some cheesy Japanese/Korean drama, but never mind that. Because I do really love this editorial in the new Teen Vogue - it actually inspired me to buy a copy -

At 23, I doubt I'm the target audience of Teen Vogue, but I've always found their editorials pretty inspiring. It's not high-concept fashion, but it's not an obvious way of styling either. The 'Bay City Rollers 'spread is a pretty original take on all those 'Prints for Summer' spreads you'll see in all the fashion magazines in spring - it doesn't just show a pretty summery dress on a girl strolling by the beach, like some kind of 'O.C.' trailer.

Likewise, I loved the 'Made in Japan' shoot in the March issue, which did the romantic/futuristic trend without a) mentioning Louis Vuitton; and b) mentioning Marie Antoinette. Instead, it took inspiration from Japanese street style, which is decidedly romantic and original.

And even though the clothes featured can be pricey (A Tao Comme des Garcons dress?), the styling is what gives me ideas, and it's actually pretty possible to duplicate the look with something I have or can actually afford.

I'm a big believer in that you don't have to spend a lot to dress well, so it's pretty cool to be able to look at a magazine and have spark off all kinds of potential ideas in your head, instead of feeling depressed because you know that perfect Prada shift will never be within your budget.

Teen Vogue is selling inspired ideas, and that makes it a cut aboth the rest.

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