heavy petal power

The sun was shining hot and bright today (after a whole weekend of rain), and when the weather is fine like that (as opposed to the muggy humidity it usually is), I am in the mood to wear only two things - crisp white linens, and happy florals.

I was rather inspired by the editorial in March's edition of W -

The sharp, white light reminds me of the sort of sunlight we get here in Singapore - harsh and bright, not soft and diffused and pretty like it is in countries further away from the equator. And for some reason only understood by my brain, the icy colours of the editorial put me in the mood for white-d out florals.

Like these from Dries Van Noten's spring collection -

Dries had the only florals I remember from the collections. I love how they're blown up almost to the point of abstract, and pretty but not delicate or saccharine. And in such lovely faded hues.

I had been lamenting to a friend that the bloody warm weather here makes it impossible for me to indulge in my penchant for layering with putting myself at risk for heat stroke, but all it took was a little Dries, a gust of warm, dry wind in the sunshine, and some lovely photos in W for me to forget the seduction of layers of foggy hues. Time to go shopping for some nice florals, and put aside my hunt for a prefect lightweight wool short-sleeved jacket.

Winter (styles, that is, we don't get ANY winter here) can wait. Let me revel in the sunshine first.

Pictures from www.style.com; http://community.livejournal.com/foto_decadent/


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