from paper, to real life

About a week back, I passed the Inez boutique at Paragon, and saw that they were having a closing down sale. Perked by the idea of bagging a designer item at low, low prices, I popped in for a look.

Well I didn't see anything of significance - some seriously ugly Ungaro, lots of Barbara Bui - but there was this -

A beautiful piece of Rochas, hanging sadly on a rail in a corner on a plastic hanger, marked down at 90%. This was a dress I would have worn happily to my wedding. I was quite excited at being able to run my grubby paws over a piece of Rochas, and indeed, it was beautifully constructed and the fabric was divine.

At just about $1,300, it's a quite a bargain considering it was $13,000 to begin with. But it struck me that even if I weren't setting aside money for a grand tour of Europe this September, a dress like that really doesn't have any place in my life.

It was just such a moment to see something like that right in front of me, when I never thought I would see anymore than a picture of it. It kind of shakes up your ideas about fashion and its place in your life.

I will have to articulate this thought better, I'm still a little bit unsure why I'm still thinking about the moment, a week after it happened.

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