je ne regrette rien? je regrette beaucoup

I could kick myself for this. I had been eyeing this cute jumpsuit from Zara for ages, ever since I saw Angela Lindvall look all elegant and insouciant in the campaign -

But for some reason everytime I passed the store and saw it on a hanger, I was too lazy to slip it on. 'I'm not wearing the right top', I would reason. 'I'm just too tired from work', I would think. 'This dress is a pain to take off,' I would insist. '$179? Not worth it, so why?' I reasoned.

And now, c'est disparu! (Ignore all the french, I am just exercising them to make up for the fact that my oral exam was an utter failure.) I finally decided to give it a go, and it's gone. The Liat outlet doesn't stock it anymore, and neither does the Ngee Ann outlet. I might try the Marina one, but I am rather busy and it is pretty out of the way to go for a garment I'm not even sure looks good on me.

Still, it's pretty gorgeous isn't it? It's not kitschy 70s' the way most jumpsuits are. It does not cling. It does not look too Osh Kosh B'Gosh (is that how you spell it?). It does not look like a mechanic's suit. I've seen a dozen variations on the jumpsuit since they started hitting stores this season, and I am pretty sure I haven't seen anything like it.

Now I absolutely have to hit Marina and at least try it on, or I will never get this obsession out of my system.

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