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Okay I feel a bit sheepish about this, but I do enjoy clicking through's 'People and Parties' and the weekly 'Vogue's 10 Best dressed' pages, just to check out what the beautiful people are wearing. It is mostly quite uninspiring, but every now and then, you will find a cool person rocking out a cool outfit.

Vanessa Traina is pulling off the Prada turban quite nicely, and love that dress.

It's the sort of inspired, formal evening look that you almost never see in New York anymore, since everyone is only interested in looking pretty in the event's sponsor's dresses that night. (This is San Francisco by the way. So maybe there's a worrying trend going on on NYC's gala scene. Oh god. Why do I care?)

There's Jennifer Connelly looking very sharp in her Lanvin, though her tights are a bit too sheer.

I love Ms Connelly because her face is just gorgeous - flawless bone structure, and so intense. Plus she acts rather well, and had kids with Paul Bettany. Lucky bitch. And she really has a way with black. If I had eyes that blue I would wear black all the time.

I love Coco Rocha's look here - I am always amazed by anyone who can pull off Rodarte's more eye-catching pieces with ease -

She doesn't look like she's wearing a Rodarte look, which how people tend to look when they wear Rodarte - it looks more like she's just looking great in a cute dress.

And here's the imitable Kate Moss.

Everytime I see Ms Moss rocking a look like this, I feel a bit less inclined towards the Kate Moss Topshop collection, because it just seems so futile and so blatantly all about money. Because how do you bottle this? How is a pinstriped waistcoat going to help get there?

I don't know who is Eugenia Niarchos and what she does - except that 'Niarchos' probably means rich and appearing in Vogue as a 'swan' means she's social, or is destined to become that. I do know she looks quite hot in her ruffled Valli. She does not look overly cute or overly trussed or overwhelmed by the dress. Neat trick.

Sometimes I suspect Margherita Missoni pulls off some of her more awkward looks because she is so straight-forward pretty, but this time she's just looking good, if slightly wrinkly -

I've always wanted to wear a dress like this, but this sort of sleeves and shoulders makes me look incredibly wide up and down. Ms Missoni looks just right, and happily she eschewed leggings, which girls wearing such dresses always seem to pair them with.

And finally, there's Maria Sharapova, whom I've been wanting to ask one burning question - why on earth do you need a stylist?

Well at least Rachel Zoe has good taste in this instance - the Geoffrey Beene dress is fantastic. The clean hair and make-up stops the looking from going into 'Dynasty' territory and it's just terribly glamourous but easy at the same time. I am impressed.

But Ms Sharapova hiring a stylist is just strange - a little over-the-top. And her interview in the April issue of American Vogue makes her sound distinctly vacant when she was discussing fashion. It's just ironic that while she looks nice here, how she arrived looking like this is another death knell for individual taste.

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