spotted on the street

I was standing in a queue buying a cup of coffee when I spotted this lovely bag on the shoulder of the woman standing in front of me -

Hers was a nice rich burgundy, which looks better with the brass zippers than the black one here does.
I found out that it was from Tod's only after I saw in an advertisement while reading a magazine a few days later. There's something about the bag that's somewhat reminiscent of the Betty bag from Chloe, but this one is ten times nicer and doesn't look like some random unimaginative High Street nonsense some dull retailer came up with (in case you're wondering, I don't like the Betty).
It's not as "rich" (read: over-adorned) as most of the bags going around these days, but the design element is there - you know it's not just any bag - and the quality is evident.

The size is perfect for tossing in all the necessities - a book, iPod, wallet, etc etc - and the pockets actually look useful, even though I suspect I might confuse myself and end up scrabbling through all of them looking for my keys.

It's a departure from Tod's usual expensive, classic style, somewhat less conservative, with a more youthful vibe, which I suppose is their way of dealing with the intensive competition to create the must-have bag. They make accessories for creative director Derek Lam's own label too; I assume his edgier style is rubbing off.

Fortunately, it doesn't have the desperate look of an It Bag wannabe. It's subtle, with a understated appeal speaking only to those with a taste for these things, and probably won't date. A nice, not-too-obvious investment item.

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