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Hurrah, more pretty shoes to run about in that won't rip your feet to shreds. Delman's got a new collection and it's lovely.

I've always liked Delman flats - simple, classic and quirky, a bit more chic and refined than London Soles (those have that slightly smashed look) . The new collection is embellished a bit more edgily than I think they were before - Delman was always more pretty than street.

I especially like this kind of retro, kind of luxe style -

A bit Belle Du Jour, but less Mod.
I also have a major weakness for Mary Jane pumps, which are the only style in heels I buy. These have the chunky shoe thing that's all the rage now, but not to the point of being silly and ridiculously impossible. Good for that "weighty foot, floaty dress" look. Or with skinny jeans. Or with some nice city shorts.

Patent variations are also available, no respectable label that cares about sale figures will leave out patent for this season. This bright blue pump is unexpected and cheery -

The best thing about their heels is that it just about as high as I can realistically take (which is admittedly, not very much), but it doesn't look frumpy or like those kitten heels that look like I squashed them with my leg,
Evening sandals are also a staple for me, especially peep-toe styles like this one -

Very versatile with enough detail to be interesting. As I like to say, the all-important design element is there to elevate it beyond more mainstream brands.

They've also got boots now, and these are just yearning to be pulled over a pair of jeans. I love anything in dusty grey -

And more of those lovely exotic skin flats, in metallics -

Now if only I they'll open a proper boutique here, complete with the Ruben Toledo mural.

Pictures from elle.com


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