happy miu year and hello black clover

My love affair with Miu Miu continues into the new year, as I browsed through net-a-porter looking at their offerings.

From simple prim dresses;

to comfortably oversized cardigans;

to quirky prints;

to pretty tops;

to luscious bags;

to yummy flats;

It's my idea of shopping heaven.
I like how it's feminine but not too girly and frou frou, and amidst the statement platforms and frocks, there are also some great things that are hip but still chic and not too fashion victim-y.

I wonder where else I can find a skirt like this one -

I love the grey, the shape, and the fact that it would be a totally frumpy skirt except for the length. It's still modest, but short enough to be upbeat.
This season I really love the jewel tones, especially this great two-toned satin shirt -

And I would love a navy knit dress like this one -

But not as short though. I bought a black A-line knit shift from Zara months ago, and haven't worn it because it's really short - how come it didn't seem that way when I tried it on I wonder. It's only wearable with tights, which really limits how often I can wear it. A regretful $75.

I've spent a long time trying to find the perfect knit dress that doesn't itch, doesn't cling embarrassingly, and won't give me a heat stroke when the sun comes out.
I finally bought one just a a day after I rang in the new year, at a cute shop called Black Clover at Far East Plaza.
Lots of nice dresses and some pretty cool separates at Black Clover - that actually didn't look like an import from Bangkok, Korea, Hong Kong or Taiwan (where everything else in Far East seems to be from). If they're getting stuff from those places, I'll love to know who their suppliers are.

The quality of the things aren't too bag either, and the shop is nice and spacious - a major rarity in Far East shops. I went with my mum and two sisters and we all found things that we liked - pan-generational appeal.

Best of all, the stuff is affordable - always good news to my shallow pockets. My new sleeveless grey knit dress with two front pockets was just $52.80.

Other things I spotted at Far East in included a plentiful supply of knock-offs of this Chanel bag -

Actually I really like the slouchy shape, so had I found something that was made well and not so obviously a knock-off, I might have been tempted to buy myself a nice new big tote for school. Something in soft brown matte leather liks this might be nice -

Unfortunately, many of the "inspired creations" looked very cheap, with chains that looked yellow rather than gold, badly made of badly-creased PVC, and occasionally festooned with bizarre add-ons like lace-edged striped corsages.
Lots of shops have also started doing patent leather flats and pumps, mainly in black, red, and navy blue. My friend bought some really cute navy patent flats with an ankle strap, and now I really want something like it, but minus the strap. Navy shoes might break my monotony of cream and pale gold flats.

But old habits die hard, and I wound up buying a pair of quilted leather two-tone flats instead, vaguely Chanel-inspired, but with slight squarish toe that made an interesting riff in the original look. There were many imitations at Far East as well, but I got mine from Substance at Isetan instead. Very comfortable for $39.

Dresses were abound at Far East, showing that this trend is in no way dying out. I just wished people stopped bring in the ugly jersey shit from Bangkok. Nor do I want to see anymore "vintage" dresses made in the style of Singaporean 70s' housewives. They're cute, but I long for loose-fit shifts cut in the A-line so I hope to see the trend catch on soon. I still refuse to buy the overpriced equivalents at Topshop.

Elsewhere, to round off my first shopping trip of the year, I found what will probably be my last sale buy - a brown chiffon shirt with ruffles with a blue floral print from Mango that was a bargain at $20.

The rest of the sales weren't all that interesting, but the new collection things are showing up so it all feels a bit more promising.

So it's a good new year so far, fashion-wise - I love finding new places to shop.

Now if only I can muster the same kind of industriousness and resourcefulness when it comes to my FYP.
Pictures from style.com, net-a-porter.com, mango.com, bagborroworsteal.com


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