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So it's a new term (my last term), and wouldn't it be nice to start a brand new semester with some fresh additions in the accessories department, to make up for my two-hour travelling time to that dratted campus (why is it in Boon Lay)?

I'll need a yummy new bag to tote all those text books and other essentials needed to survive a school day. This one from Miu Miu is my top choice -

It looks and feels perfectly supple, has enough shape but still looks relaxed, and is the exact shade of a Milka plain chocolate bar. Not to mention big enough to put in my books, a sweater, bottled water, iPod, pens, etc.

Maybe something cheerful to put my pens and pencils and highlighters in -

This one by Amy Sedaris for Fred Flare is seriously good enough to eat, exactly the kind of thing a food-minded person like me highly appreciates.

I'll also need something to jot down my notes and dates in - I like the layout of the Panama diary from Smythson -

But the emerald green lambskin of the Bijou is such a nice jolt of colour in my bag -

Some comfortable shoes to pad around in are also crucial - lots of steps and slopes at NTU - and these quilted Delmans will make for a nice cushy day even as I drag myself across two blocks to my classes -

A nice departure from my usual London Soles and Topshop flats. I've been eyeing quilted flats for some time and these are perfect. If I want something a bit more amusing, there's always these cat-print flats from Topshop -

They were irresistable, even though they will no doubt be harder to match. I always have that problem with printed shoes.

I hate carrying umbrellas but even I'm defeated by the non-stop rains of January, so maybe something amusing from Topshop might make the extra burden lighter -

The collapsible green one wins for functionality but the crook one is just too cute. I mean, might as well get a laugh when it's all miserable and wet. And who can resist a Celia Birtwell-print umbrella?
I don't take anything math-related, and certainly have no use for a calculator unless I'm trying to calculate a discount or convert a currency, but this ring (also from Fred Flare, purveyors of all things nonsensical) brings nerd chic to new heights -

And finally, how about a nice new wallet to give my poor old abused one a rest; this one by Isabelle Fiore comes emblazoned with a hugely appropriate slogan -

I might be too distracted to concentrate on lessons. Or possibly distract everyone else.

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