he gets it right

See this look from Armani Prive -

And then see this look from Balenciaga -

I think Giorgio Armani has been taking a good look at what his fellow designers are doing, and making his own original statement about it. His take on the leggings thing is definitely the most elegant riff I've seen since the look started to surface.

And I like how his version retains the gleam and takes it to a more refined level, but retains the same air of futuristic sleekness. If Mr Armani showed more of such brilliance at his ready-to-wear collections, maybe he can lift the torpor that sets in whenever someone mentions his name to me.

His show maybe have been inspired by the Indian Subcontinent , but this is no literal cultural riff - there were plenty of Armani signatures that made the show uniquely his.

I never thought I would ever want an Armani suit until I saw this -

Very sharp and very slick, and very cool.

I am a sucker for a poet sleeve, and this once has an air of nonchalance -

This is what I always couture daywear to be like: deceptively simple at first glance -

Gorgeously dramatic details up close -

This dress is pure goddess glamour, nicely referencing the sari without being too costume-y (the way some parts of the Dior couture show felt to me) -

Nice details as well, I especially love the hats -

Overall, I love the hues of oyster and grey, which is a very lushly understated choice of colour - exactly the kind of thing Mr Armani has come to perfect over the years, but now he's managed to up the ante on his own signatures. And that's no small feat.

Pictures from www.style.com


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