earthly delights

On one hand, "Ecosphere Terrarium" sounds like the most pretentious shit ever.

On the other hand, it looks like this -

It's a gorgeous little piece of heaven encased in glass, and it's so peaceful to look at.

Described as "an ecosystem that fits in the palm of your hand", it does kind of give furistic meaning to that by Blake - "To see the world in a grain of sand".

You don't need to do anything to maintain it (or so they say), which is perfect for a living plague to plants like me. I do my best to tend to what plants I have in the house, and they die anyway.

It's "decorative, educational, and entertaining." It dies someday though, which I suppose is not unrealistic, though I imagined that perfect ecosystems would sustain itself. Happily, the company will replace your "failed system" within a year.

Not bad for US$79 (that's a small one, 3"25 in diameter).

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