the skinny and the baggy

I've been feeling like a pair of jeans lately, but all the styles available now look a lot like the last pair of jeans I bought in December last year - skinny or straight, in a faded blue wash. And from what I see from my favourite denim label Diesel, fall looks like it'll bring forth more of the same thing.

I wouldn't mind though - the skinny is a trend I liked right from the start - but I want something less skinny now, probably with a slightest bootcut, which is really more flattering for my wide-ish bum, and more classic.

Meanwhile, fashion mags like Vogue have been pushing loose, mannish looking denims, which I'm definitely not feeling -

They look too much like I'm trying to look like a hippie, and to me, jeans should always look rock star cool - very seventies, very Rolling Stones - but minus a major flare. I hate the way I look in huge flares.

So I adore the skinny trend - it's edgy and cool and makes me feel very rock star. And I'm hugely sceptical of this baggy jeans trend - too reminiscent of my secondary school days where baggy jeans were cool and worn with little tank tops, topped with huge plaid shirts, and sneakers. A little too 'hood ratty for me.

I like mannish trousers. In other fabrics, it's one of my favourite cuts because it makes me look effortlessly long and lean and I like the slouchy feel and how I can squat on the floor without it riding down or cutting off my blood circulation. As a matter of fact, I like the menswear trend and how it's really perennial - check out Neil Barrett's very cool collection for women this fall, or the trousers like the ones below at Marni -

But in denim, it just really doesn't work for me. Denim jeans should be lean and sharp and cool. Once it's baggy it looks, I don't know, lazy, too retro, too...much. I remember seeing them in a collection Phoebe Philo did for Chloe a few years back and hoping that people would ignore them. People did. Phew.

Maybe people will ignore them this time too. I was feeling rather inspired by this quote about Kate Moss and original style, from Rachel Zoe, of all people. "She doesn't give a fuck...she supercedes everyone."

Yep, this fall, I don't give a fuck about the baggy jean trend - hand me the damn skinnys.


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