making a marc

Just wandering through and scanning through the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection for fall, which I usually skip because I've never really liked the stuff there, and right there, at look number two, bells went off in my head. I like this collection. It rocks.

The colours - blues and greys - are totally my favourite colours. The look references grunge, but not in the overhanded way I didn't really like in the Marc Jacobs collection. All of it has a vaguely collegiate feel which I will always, always love. It's kind of a non-traditional preppy look, and it looks so easy and comfortable. I like how it has a faintly nostalgic mood without being obvious. It's a great, wearable collection that one can do without looking like we're donning some of kind of costume or "look."

And I adore all the woolly hats - also less overdone than the Marc Jacobs ones.

Because my afternoon stretches long and empty before me, I shall go into a blow-by-blow account of my favourite looks, starting with this great grey plaid dress -

This looks graceful, which is amazing because plaid almost never does. With or without the extras - the sweater, the gloves - the dress would work. I've actually been trying to find a dress with a wrap-ish v-neck like that, but have yet to succeed. Someone please take inspiration here.

If I were to buy one coat this year, this would be it -

Forget the fur-trimmed Burberry trench, the burgundy motorcycle Proenza Schouler, the black swingy YSL - this coat is one that will carry me through years long after. No offence to the previous coats, but I have a profound weakness for oversized buttons, grey, pockets, and a slouchy-yet-tailored shape. This looks cozy but not sloppy and it manages to be quirky and classic. So inspiring.

I've always had a weakness for vaguely granny-ish dresses, especially if they happen to have a 40s' vibe to them - my favourite retro era. This one is nice, and the vest is a cool touch -

I'm pretty much a tomboy and wearing such a prim dress usually gets a reaction from people - they don't know how to respond to it and it gives me a kick. I don't have a reason for like pretty dresses other than the fact that they are pretty - but I would never do the whole ladylike thing. A pretty chiffon dress would be worn with my usual flats (maybe pointy and patent) and maybe a purse slung across my body like a messenger bag.

And I love the patent platforms. Yummy.

This is a great day outfit -

There's nothing complicated or new about it, it's just the whole attitude. But not everyone can carry off wearing such loose, slouchy things. I doubt I can - would look either butch or homeless. But I would happily reference the look; maybe keep the cardigan, wear a more fitted shirt, and not slouch.

The second thing I like to buy most after bags is a jackets, and this one here rings my bells -

I have a major weakness for oversized buttons, cropped sleeves, and a boxy shape. This one clearly meets the prequisites. I'm not crazy about the rest of the outfit though - would probably pair it with jeans, which is such a overdone look, but so what?

Alright, time for prim dress number two -

Love the grey, love the elegant neckline, love the quirky buttons and cropped sleeves. Not too sure about the fit - it looks kind of too big for the model - but it could be such a great look that works straight from day to evening. I like how it could look different if styled differently - with knee boots or with stiletto pumps or with the platforms everyone is doing this season for a really retro feel.

And erm, prim dress number three -

I know, kind of overkill, but I've been on a bit of a dress rampage lately and it's really something that keeps catching my eye. It's like, the ultimate solution to lazy dressing - one single item and you're 80% done! I love the lush velvet here and there's a fainlt bohemian vibe to it - kind of like last season's smocks but less costume-y.

Okay this outfit here doesn't work for me, except for the colours - what I'm really eyeing is the bag.

Nice squashy shape, nice colour, and I love slinging a bag - it's a very insouciant touch and really damn convenient.

Finally, my second favourite day look from the collection -

I would love to be able to rock an oversized shirt like that, over those cool mannish trousers. I think the belt is the key - it kind of gives some definition and deflects away some of the pajama effect. And the jacket has a nice fit.

Overall, this is a collection I could more or less create my entire wardrobe from; it's that good. I like how it doesn't look too trendy, and too much like a "look of the moment." It's a collection you can invest in without regret.


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