dancer in the dark

I was reading the September issue of US Vogue and it hit me that all the looks I like involve a skinny leg and something full on top.

And then I was reading my September issue of Vanity Fair it hit exactly what I found so inspiring -

Ballerinas. It's like a flashback to my childhood, when from the age of 5 to 12 I studied ballet lessons. I was not much goo as a dancer, but I had some skill with dressing in tights and leggings and all these looks bring on such a wave of nostalgia I didn't know I had.

This is why I wear narrow jeans rather than bootcuts. Why I love ballet flats (they are on the only shape of shoes that flatter my ugly dancer feet). Why my favourite colours are always dusty and not quite pastel (very much like the dirty pinks and dove greys and navys and creams of my leotards). Why I will always love a chignon.

Elsewhere, I spotted Kate Moss looking waif-like and elegant at the same time -

Such a cute look. It's totally why I've been wearing my black skinny calf-length capris everywhere, with my yummy new flats from Topshop.

I really liked the feature in Vogue about the new shapes for fall. While I usually find trend reports quite off the mark, I rather like the look the called "the exclamation point." Probably because it's similar to the look I like at the moment.

While my trousers are never that skinny, and I prefer tops with a softer edge (because I already look hard enough and I also have a thing for forties'-inspired chiffons, this is probably how I feel for all. So add in the ballerina chiffons and the edgy skinnies, I think this season I'm going to look...pretty much the way I always do.


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