cheap and chic

I was just reading this article in The Telegraph's fashion section titled "Still cheap - and ever more chic."

Basically the article outlines the rise of brands like Primark in the UK, priced affordably and right on trend - even with the prices in pounds converted to Singapore dollars, the stuff is cheap! And nice!

Wish we had more stores like that in Singapore. I went shopping the other day and bought NOTHING. Everything in Far East seemed a bit stale and overdone and the new arrivals aren't ringing my bells either.

We need either more labels being brought in by savvy retailers, or for local designers to rise to the occasion and fill the fashion gaps. There are already some young designers with shops selling a somewhat more avant garde and conceptual designs, but the mainstream market?

It's hard for local brands to compete with the scale of mega-global franchises like Topshop and Zara etc, but that said, there a few trend-conscious local labels that seem to be doing alright, like mphosis and GG>5 (not too sure if I got the direction of the arrow right).

While I don't really like mphosis (the quality of the fabrics and cuts needs more work!) and GG>5's style is a bit too "office" for me (but excellent for knits and cocktail dresses), both labels are at least providing stuff that you don't really see everywhere else. They suit the local climate and tastes - and I think that's the way to building a proper brand.


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