rhapsodising about chatuchak

It's been a whirlwind sort of three days since I got back from Bangkok - it was straight back to my part time job so that I could give my bank account a much-needed transfusion. In the process, I haven't even looked at the lovely things I got over there. Thus, after all my new things have been laundered and ironed (thanks mum!), I took some time in my one rare off day to admire them again.

The total damage after five days was three dresses, four tops, two pairs of shoes, a pair of shorts, a necklace and erm, that's it. I did get a top for one of my sisters, a dress for a friend, and a bag and a jacket for my mum.

More capable shoppers than me could have bought all those in a day or something, but then I am a firm believer that I only buy what i LOVE. So if something doesn't move me to the heavens, doesn't ring any bells in my head, I am not getting it. I've learnt my lesson from past buys that I "sort of" liked and left to vegetate in my closet, only to be sold off online or at some flea market. A tremendous waste of money that could have been put to better use.

So.... I adore my cheap and gorgeous buys from Bangkok. Most of them them (almost all really) came from my favourite place to shop in Bangkok - Chatuchak. This weekend market is stuffed with tourists, locals, and excellent buys (I bought nothing for more than $17). Oh, and great food. And Singaporeans. (Bangkok is like, the second home for a lot of Singaporeans these days.)

What I like best is that the stuff at Chatuchak is pretty up-to-date - you can trendspot whatever trend tickles your fancy over there, and six months later, when our fickle tastes change, you can bet the stuff at Chatuchak would have caught up as well - you can go there a few times a year and there is always new stuff.

My favourite shop was something called Vestaire - I got this dress and this top there.

The girl designs and makes all her own stuff and while her prices are slightly higher than some, it's still pretty reasonable (I bargained the dress down to 300 baht, which is approximately $12) the quality is good and the style unique. You don't see styles and fabrics like hers elsewhere in the market. Both pieces are empire waist and have a slight voluminous quality when worn that reminds me of all the puff shapes that's going on for fall.

This is my second favourite buy - a floral print chiffon dress with a black elastic bow belt - that's unfortunately, kind of transparent.

I call it my (transparent) "garden party" dress. It looks pretty shapeless on a hanger, but on a person, it flows and drapes in a very flattering way. I am still searching for the right slip to wear beneath it.

And then there's this cute necklace of wooden beads strung on a brown satin ribbon, which probably makes me a couple seasons behind on the chunky necklace trend, but then when one really likes something, one buys it and wears it regardless of where the winds of fashon blow. Just think of all those people clumping around in platforms before platforms made a comeback this spring.

I think of this necklace as my Marni-inspired piece - the real Marni is actually too cute, too whimsical, and too much of a statement for me (not to mention too expensive!)

I wished I took more pictures of what they had there, but it was criminally hot and I am very lazy with pictures. Anyway, boxy babydolls like this one from Chloe are a huge it with Thai girls, and they, being tiny and narrow-hipped and doll-like in size, actually look pretty good!

Coming back to Singapore, the prices here seem like such a shock, but I'm sure i'll adjust pretty fast. Hopefully my wallet recovers soon enough too...


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