I was always a bit fond of using the words "grungy" and "bashed up" to describe things I like - I like stuff with a slightly battered quality; I don't know why - but the recent advent of the grunge trend (circa when Kurt Cobain was alive/when I was 9), disturbs me. mainly because I didn't find it at all attractive the first time round.

Also because I find the way the mags keep shoving it in our faces as really annoying.

That said, I like the way Marc Jacobs manages to make it somehow more elegant this time round. Like this -

But it still doesn't convince me. I don't know much about cold weather life, but all those layers seem tedious to me. I mean, seriously, a short cape over a long sweater topped off with a long coat. And a fur hat. And gloves. Too much effort for me. I like the feel of the collection, but I can't see myself wearing much of it. I've always preferred a cleaner look.

And Nirvana is really overrated okay?

I do like the woolly hat and the muted colours, but in the spirit of carefree elegance, I prefer this look from Burberry Prorsum -

Or this look from Daryl K, who showed a great collection full of her customary edge -

Did I mention that I think Kurt Cobain was and is, totally overrated?

Finally, I also found myself siding with the folks that found it insulting when designers and rich people start dressing like hobos, without regard for real hobos who dress like that because they don't have much of a choice. It smacks of the 1990's "Generation X's" existential angst (personified by Ethan Hawke, Winona Ryder, Reality Bites et al) which so irritates me because it is so, so self-indulgent and a complete waste of time.


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