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I "girl-ed up" over the past weekend for a lunch. There are times when I feel like wearing a dress is the only appropriate option and this was one of those instances, to say the least.

More and more, I grativate towards wearing my dresses with flat sandals, and so on Sunday, I gave this formula another spin. I know my accessories don't match, but the day turned out pleasantly enough. In a dress and flats or heels, a little part of me always feels like I'm masquerading as a more demure person, but sandals feel relaxed and easy.

Some field notes on the charms of a dress (with lots of stereotyping):

a) men hold doors open for you
b) men pull out chairs for you
c) men fetch drinks for you (generally, men really like dresses)
d) mothers approve
e) it's nice to feel the sun on your legs
f) they are cool to wear in the heat
g) they are versatile and go from day to evening quite easily

So, not writing dresses off yet then.


G said…
I love this outfit! Makes me wish it was summer already..
indigo16 said…
The sun on your legs!! So lucky. It'll be months before I will, although they may have a tiny glimpse over Christmas when we are in Cyprus.
I like skirts with black tights so I tend to wear them a lot more during the winter months.
My whole body language is different when I wear a skirt or a dress, I think I even walk slightly differently, less of a swagger more of a skip...Not a good look at my age! I always think of Audrey Hepburn when I see a dress with flats, it just works so much better, My daughter wore a similar outfit for her prom, The sandals were flat but very ‘bling’, she looked so much more mature than the girls tottering around on their heels.
Joy said…
Wow you look incredible and I love the simplicity of it all. I don't remember the last time I wore a dress. Glad to know the weather is warm and sunny somewhere else around the globe.
Lindsay K said…
How can you not love the sun on your legs!!! You look great! I love this look.

I love dresses. I wear dresses to work a lot because I usually have to go from day to night pretty quickly and a dress just makes the whole process seamless.

I dress for myself, so I don't find that men react any more chivalrous or are any more charmed when I'm wearing a dress. I will say that men will surprise you. When it was well over a hundred degrees this summer and people were walking around NYC in all types of craziness I was stopped (rare in Manhattan) by a few men who thought it was nice to see someone dressed demurely in a dress beating the heat.
hannah-rose said…
I only own one dress and it's my 21st dress haha... I definitely will be wearing it again because it is so simple - just a drapey maxi really, but I have to say I'm not the biggest dress person. I'm always worried that they are TOO simple, you know, like nothing happening except for just one piece of fabric. You look amazing though and not TOO simple at all, just simple enough! I love the idea of a shift dress, flat sandals, and a bag. That's it. If I find the perfect one I'll have to give it a try!

catssaymeow said…
Furthermore... it's only one clothing item and you're most of the way dressed. The more and more I think about it I am a dress girl - it's simpler and earier to get dressed when you are a person often short of time.
Ammu said…
You look sensational. It's so different from your other looks but still reflects a simplicity which I think is characteristic of your style. And I love the bag and shoes. Perfect.
Anonymous said…
Lin, love this outfit!!
Simple and easy on thr eye:)

Who makes the dress? Is it chambray?
lin said…
G: Thanks! The sun turns to torrential storms by afternoon though, at this time of the year. But at least it was there for a little while, haha.

indigo16: You're right about young girls in flats looking more sophisticated than young girls in heels - it seems more confident, because young girls in heels look unsteady.

joy: I wear a dress about once a month, usually for work, when the mood is right. Most times, I put on a dress, and end up changing into jeans. Inexplicable.

Lindsay K: I rarely wear dresses so there's always a flurry of comments from people who know me when I do... usually along the lines of whether I have a date, hah.

Hannah-rose: I know what you mean, which is why I like dresses with a belt - I can't do a super clean minimal look but I hate to clutter on stuff so I guess this is my compromise.

catsaymeow: I agree..I actually wear more dresses when I travel, especially for work because it means I can cut down on the packing.

Ammu: Thanks!

justeileen: Thanks! The dress is actually made of a rough cotton, almost nubbly like tweed. It has no label, I found in a vintage store that used to be on Haji Lane but closed down.
miss sophie said…
men are really simple creatures. but as always, dressing for oneself is always the most fun ;) you look fantastic! love the simple belt and flash of gold in your sandal. how are you liking your 2.55?

i think you are better suited for the tropical climate than me. i rarely wear dresses, but i'm going to make a go of it this year when it gets humid and unbearably hot here in SH.
Milly said…
Had to laugh at this because it's all so true! I also love dresses in the Winter to throw on over opaque black or knitted tights...it'll be many months before I have the sun on my legs in the UK!x

Anonymous said…
I want to live where you are! SUN - end of November? I've been pulling out my winter boots! Anyhow - Love your dress & the whole outfit! thanks for sharing!
lin said…
miss sophie: I'm loving the 2.55. wish I could use it more actually, but it's too small for work.

And I grew up in the tropics, I don't have a choice but to adapt, haha.

milly: Dress + tights still feel too cold for me when I'm travelling somewhere cold, haha.

anon: There's sun here everyday, punctuated by the usual late afternoon tropical storm ahaha. The sun is great, the humidity isn't.
lapindelune said…
Oh, how odd, I have actually noticed the opposite since actually toning down the girliness. I wonder what the secret is! I think that there's only one dress remaining in my wardrobe which appeals to me nowadays, possibly something i ought to consider expanding upon come spring.
Love the perfect simplicity of this frock.
Garderoben said…
You look lovely, that's such a great dress. I hardly ever wear dresses, but I'm looking forward to wearing one of my two dresses soon, a black A.p.c wool dress.
A├»ssa said…
Lovely outfit you're wearing! The dress teamed with sandals reminds me of the Lanvin SS 2011 show.
It's so elegant and casual at the same time.
Sadly most men in Paris aren't that chivalrous...even when wearing a dress. They just gawk as if they never saw a pair of legs but will hardly show manners.
lin said…
Thanks! And I'm sure my friends and their friends were being extra courteous since everyone knows each others, and they were incredibly tickled by the rare sight of me in something so overtly feminine. But I like to believe in the transformative power of clothing sometimes.

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