in no particular order, moments from the last 15 days.

The grass (grass!) display at the Kew Gardens in London

Scented candles in bell jars at Laduree

The Bernar Vernet installation at Versailles, being dismantled the day I was there. Sounded dubious on paper, looked brilliant in real life

My childhood idea of what a museum should be like, brought to life at the Galerie Palaeontolgie at the Jardin du Plantes.

The cafeteria at the Kew Gardens, such a beautiful mix of wood, mid-century furniture and light. Not to mention amazing fish pie.

Any moment, I thought they would stand up and start walking

Catching the sun in Brussels

Sitting next to this charmer while having the meal of my life (one of many meals of my life) at La Cantine du Troquet.

Only at Versailles would you find an abandoned-looking outdoor "salon"of pink marble.

Respite at the Kew Gardens

The mother of all chocolate chip scones from Whole Foods. And yes, that is a chocolate chip scone, half a dark chocolate brownie, corn bread, a bowl of yogurt with fruit, and coffee, for breakfast. Yes, this is what we call the breakfast of champions

I chose this outfit specially for the Kew Gardens

Petit Trianon green. For my future home.

Facades at the Grand Place, Brussels

Cabbage roses I've been informed it's ornamental kale, and heather at Columbia Flower Market in London

Horrible macarons, superior chocolate, and sandwiches at the cafeteria (read: peasant) section of Angelina at Versailles


Best coffee of the trip - subtle, silky, nutty - at Borough Market in London

Wrapped up sculptures at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Strangely alluring in their own way.

Bacon and stilton sandwich at Borough Market. Should have had another. So going to try making my own, if I find bacon like that.

EDIT: Need to thank Ammu (I did go to Byron for burgers and Les Senteurs!), Cato of Solo un Sogno, leen (I loved Fin de Siecle and L'Archiduc!), and everyone else who chipped in good advice or whose blogs provided a treasure trove of ideas of where to go.


Amanda said…
The pictures look fantastic! Did you go to just London and Paris? I could go to those places every year and never get bored.
Kate said…
Kew is wonderful. I have rarely felt as calm as I felt the day I went there. It sounds like you're seeing (and eating, especially eating) some brilliant things. I'm glad you're having a good time!
Thanks for sharing these pictures. For those of us that grew up with Jurassic Park I agree about what museums "should" look like. ;) I wouldn't be surprised if those little trees started walking, I can see them moving along to the "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." I also find the wrapped sculptures appealing.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures. I love the automnal colors. And that little dog is just adorable!
Joy said…
I really need to go on my grand tour of Europe. Everything looks fantastic!
Cato said…
You're back, can't wait to read and see more of your trip!:)I really missed your blog! And I'm so glad you liked the places in Brussels! Thanks for the link!:)
Anonymous said…
Hi Lin, the pics are breath-takingly beautiful. Love the colours of nature in temperate countries and what a refreshing change for the soul.

Hope you show us what you managed to get while in Paris!

Btw, I missed your entries so I am happy that you are finally back and in the swing of things!
Ammu said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ammu said…
Oh you are very welcome! I am so glad you went to Les Senteurs - it's such a gem of a shop.
Lovely pictures - they are making me hungry!
son said…
lovely pictures & it sounds like you had a wonderful time. id love to see night at the museum filmed at the Galerie Palaeontolgie - its on my list for the next time in paris.
lin said…
Amanda: I went to Brussels as well, but only for 2 nights, as my friend was visiting London and Paris for the first time and wanted to maximise our time there. And I agree, Paris and London are perennial destinations.

Kate: I'm really glad I went to Kew. I wanted to see the Seven Sisters at Sussex but most of the place seemed to have shut down in terms of guided walks and the buses there were running less frequently so it all became too much of a hassle.

Pret a Porter P: You;re so right about the Sorcerer's Apprentice. And I saw quite a few of the wrapped up sculptures, kept snapping photos of them.

soniadeli: Thanks! I love the dog, it was actually on the naughty side compared to the many well-behaved ones I saw, but how to resist a face like that.

Joy: You must! I backpacked Europe when I graduated for more than 2 months and it was the best experience. That said, Europe will always be there... somehow I feel cities in Asia are changing faster and I should go see them before they change for good. Whereas Europe and the US being so "developed" there's less of a rush for me to see them.

Cato: Thanks, it's nice to be missed :) And thank you so much for giving me so many tips on what to do.

Eileen: Thanks! I agree, the colours were the best part of the trip - it made me feel energised.

I also missed blogging a little, shall start planning more posts soon!

Ammu: I loved the store. Shockingly, I didn't buy anything for myself but I love the service and bought a candle for my friend who's just moved into a new home.

son: I loved the museum, it was fascinating, though I wish my French was better, so that I could identify more of what I saw.
Aïssa said…
Beautiful pics translating what was certainly a wonderful getaway!
Makes me want to get a plane/train ticket right now!
joannawnyc said…
Gorgeous photos! cabbage roses = ornamental kale (cabbage roses are actually a type of rose). It does look like heather, though, and it's the right season.
lin said…
Aissa: Thanks! Do it! Impulse holidays are so satisfying.

joannawnyc: Thanks for clarifying about the ornamental kale! I better edit that.
leen hilde said…
It seems you had the greatest trip! Happy the tips were of any use :D

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